Today Chicago Is Now Detroit West

Today Chicago Is Now Detroit West

I was back in my home area of West Pullman today and right in my mother’s driveway a drug transaction took place in front of our eyes and at the bumper of my car. Did I mention this was at 2 in the afternoon in broad daylight?

This is what West Pullman has become over the last decade and yet the vacationing Mayor Emmanuel who pushed these school closings (how gutless to drop this and then bail out of state on a vacation most residents can never afford), and wants to turn what’s left of my old neighborhood into Detroit.

The closings of schools like Jesse Owens & West Pullman (which leave only the older Samuel Gompers Elementary to take the burden), in a close radius sends such a negative message to a neighborhood that already has a high crime problem and not enough resources.

This is a violation of the civil rights of the residents of the 34th & 9th wards. Every child has a right to an education and to be given the essentials to become a productive adult.

So the answer is to just give up on them just because they don’t live in Beverly or Hyde Park?

My parents worked night and day to give me the tools and options so that I could learn, grow and have a safe haven.

If the current mayor and board of education can think only to close schools, then why even have schools, just let the children fend for themselves if their parents can’t get them into better schools?

Seriously, has the board even considered the trauma, danger and instability an involuntary transfer like this causes?

These administrators who its proven only think about test scores now must only think about the financials and children in lower income neighborhoods are expendable.

I absolutely hate the corporate mentality that the weakest link must be dropped because its for their own good. Really? No thought into investing into those who need it most huh?

Children are investments to our future people, the time, energy, resources put into them will be better than any mutual fund because once they are adults they become our next generation and will take over whatever society we leave to them, which right now isn’t much.

Its as simple as this, you can put the $ 10,000 a year now into each child while they are in the school system or in 15 years you’ll be forced to pay $ 33,000 year when they are in the correction system. Now does that seem like a good investment?

We all know the “trickle down economics” of the “80’s does not work, because it just stays on the top level. We see that to this day with the bank bailouts of 5 years ago. Its not how a society treats its best members but its least.

Remember what scripture says “Its how you treat the least of my brothers”.

I’m just stunned that on the day we see the corrupt Cook County Commissioner convicted for gambling with campaign funds, the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), are gambling with our future. Each of these if cases of corruption, its just CPS is morally bankrupt for thinking that young lives are expendable.

If these lower income areas are so low on the mayor’s priority, why even bother considering them part of the city?


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