Absentee Representation For the 2nd Congressional District

Absentee Representation For the 2nd Congressional District

With less than a week until election day, the ongoing saga of 2nd Congressional District is something worthy of a BET reality show and just plain disrespectful to all of his constituents, the people of the 2nd District and anyone else with a brain in the state of Ilinois. But I have some insight on what its like to live in the misrepresented 2nd District.

I lived in the second congressional district the first 32 years of my life. The first congressman I remember was the disgusting Gus Savage who had his own issues of sexual misconduct yet tried to act like nothing was wrong and had his own desires above the needs of the district.

Then the absolute vile Mel Reynolds was elected in the early 90’s and not only did he also have issues of sexual misconduct (with a minor), but also financial wrongdoing as well and ended up going to prison (but later being pardonded by an exiting Bill Clinton), and a special election was held in 1995 to fill the seat and then the new congressman was Jesse Jackson Jr.

I haven’t lived in the district in over 4 years but let me tell you what Jr. was like before he was “sick”. He was never in the district, he didn’t answer letters (or emails), and at election time you got a newsletter in the mail that was photo op after photo op of him hamming it up and “working hard for you”. I’ve watched from my residency in the 11th and now the 3rd Districts as this sham continued and the 2nd district moved south (my old residence now lies in the 1st District and don’t get me started on Bobby Rush), but the political games remained the same. And this new illness and sick leave is just that…. sick.

At my office people take short (and long), term leaves and that’s normal, I had to seriously consider short term leave a few years ago after a knee injury and the possibility of surgery and a lengthy rehabilitation but I was able to just attend after work physical rehab. Most companies do not pay you in full during leave, unless it’s maternal/paternal (and even then some don’t), so you’re at 60% income or so.

And yet Jesse Jackson Jr. is traveling and maintaining his lifestyle and not so sick that he is an full time inpatient at a facility. Harry Houdini is spinning in his grave that he couldn’t pull magic tricks like this. This is more than just one morally ill politician or a family that has a history of taking advantage of their own people for their personal profit and gain. This is about the people of the 2nd district not being represented. They have the chance of a lifetime with this election coming up (and I know the remaining candidates are not great), but Jr. thinks this election is in the bag and I bet you dollars to doughnuts if he wins and is still “ill”, he puts in a relative (possibly his wife), or crony in his seat while he tries to figure out how to avoid the long arm of the law for his various indescretions that have him under federal investigation.

To all my friends in the 2nd district, make this real easy for Jr., vote him out and then he can really get the rest he desires.

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