An Open Letter To The White Sox

An Open Letter To The White Sox

I’ve long wondered why White Sox managers and coaches (and broadcasters along with members of the media), are always putting the fans on notice for not coming to the park and in some way that hampers the budget to get new players.

It’s unfair and it’s wrong.

The Chicago White Sox are not a small market team, they act like one when it’s convenient but this the third largest media market and though they may argue they are the second team in town, this team has won a World Series in the past 10 years. More importantly ownership does make big money signings as well (Adam Dunn & John Danks), so Kansas City this is not.

Look at the other large market teams, they make the moves, pay the players and rehab or build new stadiums without passing around the hat and belly aching beforehand.

I hope those in charge realize that the blue collar fan base they love to boast about has been hurt in these economic hard times. And contrary to what any broadcaster or media person says, that’s not an excuse.

How many of those guys live check to check? How many of those guys get 2% raises (if any), every year. I’m sure plenty of good Sox fans are out of work. You want Joe Sox fan to blow his unemployment check or his last $ 40 on a game ticket for a team that sometimes doesn’t show up to the ball park?

It goes both ways.

Don’t guilt us fans out because we are not at the park, people have lives, families, jobs that are more demanding than ever. The games are on TV, mobile devices & satellite radio, trust me we watch & listen to what games we can. Sometimes we miss whole games, life gets in the way.

What you want us to blow off family obligations and things necessary to our personal lives for this team?

It doesn’t work that way.

You can’t judge a fan because he is not at the game or doesn’t have new merchandise. Moneyball for us regular guys is what happens during the work week as we try to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table and keep our families happy.

Sox fans are not Cub fans. Never have been, never will be. US Cellular Field is not the historic and party destination that you have at 1060 West Addison. So the attendance numbers will not be the same that you have on the north side.

You can’t have it both ways that we are different from the Cubs and on the other side of town with a different genre of fans but think we will act the same. Not to mention there are a lot more Cub fans than Sox fans. Nothing against them but they have a national appeal to them. The Sox have a regional fan base for the most part.

But it should be up management and ownership to put a quality team on the field regardless of who is in the stands. The Tampa Bay Rays don’t draw like they should but they don’t use it as an excuse not to put the best squad together that they can.

You don’t see the New York Yankees asking people to come out to the games so they can make mid season deals on players.

When it comes to revenue in baseball either you have it or you don’t and those in charge need to get the job done one way or another.

Trust me, Sox fans are real men and women working hard at their jobs and doing what they need to do and when they have time and money they will be at the park. But don’t slight them when they don’t because then it looks like ownership and management is making excuses for not doing theirs.

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