Being Excluded from The Bachelor & Bachelorette does not make Civil Rights

I’ve been following the so called pending lawsuit of Christopher Johnson & Nathaniel Claybrooks against ABC Network due to the lack of diversity on the reality shows The Bachelor & Bachelorette.
I understand they feel slighted by not making it far in the casting process of that show but have they watched the show? It makes a mockery of dating, relationships and is just bad television. But I guess its run of the mill reality television.

Trust me I’m proud to be African American and wish that we get our fair due but we don’t have to do everything to prove we are equal. We can miss out on something (especially bad), and it may save some face.

Just about every reality show out there seems to have a little minstrel show in it and at times they seem to be a train wreck on tape. If people wish to submit to that kind of entertainment but I don’t think we are missing anything but not being on some of those shows. Its not something I think Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was thinking about when he made his “I Have a Dream” speech.

And trust me the last thing we as an African Americam people want to be forced on an unwilling show, audience or cast. Remember how “token” African Americans were cast on the lily white “Friends” & “Seinfield” 10-15 years ago, its uncomfortable, unreal and uneccesary to do that. We can have our dignity, civil rights and opportunities without have to have a presence on everything on TV.

Will someone feel Jackass is lacking diversity and that we need to break the color line on that program that complety lives up to its name?

I remember some years ago Eriq LaSalle was quoted that he felt the need to leave the hit show “ER” because of an interacial romance that was somewhat put on him to portray during the run of the show and many people applauded him for standing up and leaving because it was something he was not comfortable with.

I think the best thing is to get some power players together (i.e. big money producers), and maybe talk to BET or TV One and see about making our own bad dating reality show. That is unless these single guys just want a shot on the Bachelor and really just wish to be making out with 30-40 women. I don’t know, I’m a happily married man, my running the streets days are long gone, so maybe I’m missing the boat on this.

The truth is this, we have a African American man at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave but the other truth is we don’t have enough African Americans in quality TV and movie roles, that’s where the outrage should be. You see guys like Tyler Perry needed to make their own studio and shows to get the exposure and shows they wanted. Now say what you will about his shows and subjects but brothaman is doing his thing and making real dollars and a real impact on the entertainment business.

And it seems less and less that we arew crashing that white Hollywood sign but for the most part look at the crap that is being presented for entertainment, regardless of color its just not the kind of stuff most of us (black or white), will pay money for. Its why ratings are down, movie box offices are lower than before and more of us are online reading blogs or finding our own entertainment in games, whether TV console based or on a mobile device. Not to mention downloads and social media where its so much easier for anyone to make an impact regardless of color. Network TV is such an old school thing and a lot of the people who run it still keep a lot of the old boy network going.

Thus it should push us to make our own path and disregard the slop that is past out to us. This should be a debate about the lack of quality roles, shows and opportunities to people of color. We should have the next generation of Denzel Washingtons, Lena Hornes, Louis Gossett Jr’s, Angela Bassetts and others.

I don’t doubt that Hollywood needs to change and have more opportunities for African Americans, I just feel they should be better opportunities than the next show where people get voted off and have hissy fits.

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