Another Mediocre Chicago Sports Team Goes to Bed Early

I just finished watching the Chicago Blackhawks finish another underwhelming season. Its that typical Chicago sports, hey “we tried hard” kind of year. But you know that attitude doesn’t fly in real sports cities like New York, Boston & Phildephia where championships are expected and not once in a generation and revered ad nasuem.

This last game six started out with such promise, after the rousing national anthem the Blackhawks came out like the proverbial gangbusters and played the most intense hockey since the 2009-2010 Stanley Cup championship run. But it was still not enough, they met an all world goal tender in Mike Smith and just couldn’t get the little details and nuances to get goals up and around him. Not one “top shelf” shot, they were shooting at him point blank that I could stop sitting in a lawn chair.

And once the first period was over the passion started to decline, the strive to honor the holy grail of playoffs, the pursuit of Lord Stanley’s Cup started to dwindle and that mediocre acceptance of Chicago sports returned.

Some of us strive for more in life, to be the best, to want to be on top and not settle for just okay and this was just more of the same, the same sucky sports I’ve watched most of my life, where the “aw shucks” mentality reigns supreme, that whole loyalty thing overcomes supremacy and we end up just being Northwest Cleveland.

Yeah I’m frustrated, we’re two years removed from drinking from Lord Stanley’s Cup and it might as well have been 100 years ago, the whole, “well we won one championship” mentaility is prevalent. This team peaked early and with the right people, motivation and passion we could have more. This years playoffs had a road of open ice like 2010. The Red Wings were sent home, Nashville awaited us in the next round and there were a lot of tough & long playoff games meaning people were beat up and tired and we could have had a easier road than normal to Lord Stanley’s Cup.

But instead its the same woulda, coulda, shoulda. And don’t blame this on Corey Crawford, the man played well in the crease, sure he gave up some goals, but the offense didn’t score any. 12 goals in 6 games of post season hockey. One power play goal in the six games. Its doesn’t matter if he didn’t stand on his head, the offense had their head up their butts.

We’ve seen this so much, a team wins a title, players are dealt (I understand about the salary cap issues but still), and the energy and fire is never the same again because we don’t push for greatness in this town for sports. We accept what is handed to us and still support these teams, play the high prices for tickets and merchandise and stand behind teams that we should stand on top of.

This baseball season already loosk pathetic sans Phil Umbers prefect game on Saturday.

Hopefully the Bears seize the day on this and continue on their road from Halas Hall to the Super Bowl and address critical needs in this week’s NFL draft.

I don’t accept just okay in my personal life and for the money involved in these teams, we shouldn’t accept it from our pro sports.

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