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The NFL; Too Much of a Good Thing?

The NFL; Too Much of a Good Thing?
This past weekend was the NFL draft and granted I’ma  hardcore football guy, been a Bears fan all of my life and also cheer for the Indianapolis Colts (yeah I’ll be conflicted on September 9th, but I’m a Bears fan first), but this past NFL draft felt a little empty. I used to be a... Read more »

Take Your Child To Work Day, Chicago Style

I remember the first take our daughters to work day 20 years ago. I was in high school (Brother Rice), and our sister school Mother McAuley was all about it and people were talking about it on the bus and of course it was all over the news. Though in various jobs over the years... Read more »

Another Mediocre Chicago Sports Team Goes to Bed Early

I just finished watching the Chicago Blackhawks finish another underwhelming season. Its that typical Chicago sports, hey “we tried hard” kind of year. But you know that attitude doesn’t fly in real sports cities like New York, Boston & Phildephia where championships are expected and not once in a generation and revered ad nasuem. This... Read more »

Being Excluded from The Bachelor & Bachelorette does not make Civil Rights

I’ve been following the so called pending lawsuit of Christopher Johnson & Nathaniel Claybrooks against ABC Network due to the lack of diversity on the reality shows The Bachelor & Bachelorette. I understand they feel slighted by not making it far in the casting process of that show but have they watched the show? It... Read more »

Jesse Jackson Jr. and Don Quixote International Airport

Jesse Jackson Jr. and Don Quixote International Airport
Jesse Jackson Jr. lead the symbolic groundbreaking for the Peotone Airport yesterday (also known as Abraham Lincoln National, not to be confused with Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport in Springfield), he of course surrounded himself with Chicago ministers and other yes men and believers in this project that makes Alaska’s bridge to nowhere seem like a... Read more »

The Goon Hockey Needs to Stop

It was announced this morning by NHL dean of disclipline Brendan Shanahan that Raffi Torres would have a 25 game suspension from his predatory hit on the Chicago Blackhawks Marian Hossa in Tuesday’s game three vs the Phoenix Coyotes. I feel that is fair because it was an intended hit no where near the puck... Read more »

Wendell Scott; Nascar's Most Tenured African American Driver

This past week Nascar announced five new named to the exisiting list of 20 named for nomination into its Hall of Fame. The name for me that stood out was Wendell Scott. Wendell was the most tenured African American to drive in Nascar’s highest level, Sprint Cup (formally known as Winston Cup), and was a... Read more »

44 Years After Martin Luther King Jr. has Been Gone........

April 4th is a day that always rings sad for me. Despite I was born eight years after his murder, the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. always hold heavy over me. He came to Chicago several times during his life, working for equality, marching for civil rights and he even lived over in... Read more »
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