Low Voter Turnout: No Excuses

So all over the metro area yesterday’s voter turnout was around 20%, despite some good battles for the US House, some suburban referendum that could save money & lives, people just didn’t show up.




Doesn’t matter, you don’t vote, you can’t complain that our society and government is going down the drain. Yeah some of the candidates were not that good and there were choices to be between the lesser of two evils but be glad that we that choice.

Look at Russia, Vladimir Putin wins every election he is ever in, think that’s coincidence?

I know Chicago & Cook County are corrupt and we just sent our second consecutive governor to jail last week but that don’t mean you sit at home and say how bad things are.

And yeah people are busy but by law your job has to give you time to vote, its more than just making choices, more than civic duty, people died for us to get the vote. My elders down south didn’t always have that freedom or they had endure poll taxes, tests, threats and endangerment just to express the right to vote.

We are only 50-60 years from the Civil Rights marches where people were denied the right to vote simply by the color of their skin.

Our votes do count; you think by staying at home some powerful politician like Michael Madigan will stop his heavy handed ruling of this state?

Power is in numbers at the polls, people came out for (and against), President Barack Obama four years ago, it was great to see good turnout again. Personally I don’t care who you vote for just as long as you take advantage of our right to choose our representation.

I know people who tell me it doesn’t matter and they are busy and all that, I’ve missed one election in my life due to me not planning my time well during my time at DePaul University and that eats at me.

I know how much voting meant to my grandparents, they knew the sacrifices for us to get the vote and in their childhood, women could not vote.

Sure we are in tough economic times, even more so to get out and vote. Yes those of us who are employed are pushed to the limit everyday, and time at home is precious and sometimes pressure filled but we have to stay knowledgeable about the local, state & national issues for that’s how we keep going.

If you don’t know and don’t get involved, then you give that right away and other unscrupulous politicians can take advantage over us.

Granted we have voted in some less than desirable candidates and then when that doesn’t work, we vote them right back out.

Voting is our chance to be Donald Trump and say you’re fired to the people who don’t represent us well.

Democracy may not be a perfect form of government, but it’s so much better than tyranny.

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