Lottery Hangover

Lottery Hangover

So instead of riches I made a small state donation, that’s okay, didn’t want the media scrunity anyway. But the lottery hype was a litle much, had us just dreaming of that 1% life but I’m cool with my life. Bills are paid, roof over my head, good friends and family and baseball season starts this week. Not mention its time to get a new fishing license and try and hit the local lakes and try anc catch something.

I’ve never had a lot to begin with coming from West Pullman, wouldn’t know how to handle a lot of publicity or money that is way more than I need. My job is cool, good people up there, I love doing this blog, I got good music to listen to, got a nice car, racing season is underway, can’t wait until the local tracks open for stock car and late models and then drag racing in Joliet & in Indiana.

I hope the person who won part of the Mega Millions downstate can make good use of it, I’m sure they can use it more than I do. Riches aren’t all about money in the bank. Sure it beats having debt but if not happy, you not happy, no matter how many zeroes are in your bank statements.

But playing the lottery is like any other sport (except you rarely win), but the odds of winning personally are better. Still its not something you can bank on, its just chasing a dream and sometimes the pursuit is all you need for a distraction or keep the everyday blues and dolldrums away.

Yeah it was nice to think about it and the crazy media coverage was actually fun. With all the violence, high gas prices and other depressing things going on, a little fun and a few dollard thrown to get in the action and think of being rich &n famous. The lottery pools at work are fun as long as they don’t keep too much from production.

Then you watch the lottery drawing and see you are not the next person holding a large cardboard check and its like okay, back to reality. No harm, no foul.

And then you remember, opening day for baseball is this week, jackpot!

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