Enough with the Rod Blagojevich Prison Party; Go Directly To Jail!

I’ve had enough with our former governor and his last days of freedom, but I’m not just ranting, I have experience in this arena, let me explain.

My brother has been in and out of prison most of his adult life, I personally know the strain of having a loved one behind bars but my dad always said “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”.

Rod Blagojevich is a convicted felon, defrauded us taxpayers, he eroded the public trust and he was tried, found guilty and sentenced to prison. The fact that he got to choose which prison he is going to to AND got an extra month of freedom before he had to report to jail is atypical for anyone who is bound for the penitentiary.

But the news casts of his countdown to jail and fellow politicians mentioning his family (which benefitted from his crimes), not to mention this last upcoming public speaking event he is going to do is too much.

Ask me how it feels to read the letters of my brother while he is locked up and not be able to help him as he struggles with his incarceration. Or that other family members had disowned him and you try to avoid being a dysfunctional family but it’s fruitless.

Prison is not pretty and justice must be served. I don’t condone what my brother did and the department of corrections is no picnic (not sure about Colorado but my brother has dealt with Illinois & Minnesota), it’s no place for any man, much less one over 40.

I have no doubt his family will suffer, it’s part of the incarceration process, the collect calls, writing back and forth, difficult visits. But prison is a consequence of criminal activity for most. Some people get locked up erroneously on trumped up charges, bad information and lack of justice. Neither my brother or Rod Blagojevich fit in that realm.

I may seem hardcore but I know that life of being on the “outside”, while a loved one is “Behind the Wall”, we live in a society where forgiveness is given rather freely. I still love my brother, I don’t always agree with him on a lot of issues but I always look out for him and hate to see him suffer. But a prison sentence is one of those things that gets handed down and it’s not just the individual named in the crime has to deal with. It’s a family affair but for my every criminal doing time there were victims of those crimes who need to see that justice is served.

And in the case of Rod Blagojevich, we the citizens of the state of Illinois are the victims and this long prison sentence is his punishment.

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