A Day in the Life of Shelter-in-Place

Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune

Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune

Wake up at 4:23 am.

Panic hits you right away that this wasn’t a nightmare.  It’s real.

Peek outside blinds to see if Earth is still spinning. She is.

Try to go back to sleep.

Anxiety sets in.

It’s so eerie and quiet.

Shower? Nah. Not going anywhere today.

Get dressed? Nah. Pajama pants and t-shirt are more comfortable.

Grab paper off driveway. Read headlines. Put paper away for later.

Turn on Today show. Reruns. Turn off.

Play Solitaire on my phone for 17 hours.

Make a pot of split pea soup.

Drink coffee.

I just coughed. Shit. Do I have it? Is this a dry cough? Or a wet cough? How can you tell the difference?

Can’t make bed. Cat sleeping under comforter.

Work in garden? Nope. Snowed last night.

I miss the Chicago Blackhawks. And Cubs spring training. I feel guilty about that.

Box up adult children’s trophies we’ve moved and stored in the basement closet for over thirty years.

Make notation to write the Manager and Director of our local Jewel to thank them and their entire staff for all they have done for our community.

Dread going to Jewel.

Look at calendar. Everything cancelled for the next two months. At least.

Can’t read my Book Club book (meeting cancelled) because I can’t concentrate.

Play Solitaire.

Brush teeth. Finally.

Take a long walk.

Watch the robins dance in the yard. They haven’t a clue what COVID-19 is. Lucky birds.

Breathe in fresh air. Face the sun.

Text Jacquie.

Email Meaux.

Email Biz.

Text Nina.

Play Solitaire until I win.

Thank you Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Governor J.B. Pritzker for your leadership during this dark time.

Shame on you, Donald Trump.

Thank you Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Thank you farmers.

Thank you railroad workers.

Thank you truck drivers.

Thank you first responders.

Thank you everyone in the medical profession.

Thank you scientists.

Take another walk.

FaceTime grandchildren and watch them dance to Brenda Lee’s Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree even though it’s….

Check phone to see what day and month it is.

It’s March?

Call Dolly.

Watch two seasons of Grace and Frankie. I love Lily Tomlin. Jane Fonda looks so young, but why do the heavily starched collars of her blouses always stand up straight around her neck? That looks so uncomfortable. And it’s distracting.

You may wonder, did I take my walks in my pajamas? No. Of course not. I pulled on a pair of jeans. But as soon as I got home, the jeans were replaced.

I think I’m gaining weight?

Metra just announced that “Medical personnel on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic can ride for free.” Nice gesture, Metra. Thank you.

Drink 19 bottles of Chardonnay. Okay, 22.

Thank God Binny’s is considered an “essential” business and is still open.

Look at stock market and tremble. Again.

If you see me out walking in my pajamas, please tell me to go home.

Chicago Tribune announces “plans to rent thousands of hotel rooms for coronavirus isolation in move to preserve space in hospitals.” Thank you Chicago. That’s why I love this city.

Write a letter to cheer up Maureen isolated in the retirement home in Virginia. She just turned ninety-one. I love this great lady.

Play Solitaire. Can’t seem to win.

Glance over the newspaper. Get anxious. Put it away.

Eat almost entire pot of split pea soup (with a little help from husband).

I am gaining weight.

Is Home Depot open? I want to plant some pansies, but that is probably not essential. Well, to me it is.

Shower? No. Why now?

Already in pajamas. Time for bed.

Repeat again tomorrow.

And the next day.

And the next day.

And the next day…

Hang in there everyone.

We will somehow get through this.

Have faith.

Have hope.

Have some soup.





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