GFAF Schaumburg EXPO is back 7th and 8th of April

All year I have fond memories of the Schaumburg GFAF expo.  A place where all the food is edible and allergic reactions are a thing of the past.  A place where chocolate and beer are stands apart and the combination is spectacular.  It’s back!!  April 7th and 8th, the best weekend of your stomachs life will return.

Tickets are inexpensive and you will walk out with bags of food.  One year I had ten bags, off course my husband helped.  Thick and thin pizza with vegan cheese.  Pastries.  Cookies.  Chinese food.  Italian and Indian food.  It is a smorgasbord of delectable, delicious and savory foods.

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Last year I tried pasta made with vegetables and sauces that made me feel I was normal again.  Not having to ask “is this gluten-free?”.  I also tried dry pasta that is now available at Costco made with chickpeas or beets.  All fiber and no fat or rice or fillers.  Costco by the way now carries a huge variety of gf foods that you will find at the Schaumburg expo.

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