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Farmer's Market, Trying Gluten-Free Vendor's and Broccoflower

Every year I think to myself that this is the year I am going to visit the local farmers market. Every season comes to a close and I did not make my way to try the tempting fresh veggies and commercially prepared home-baked goodies. However today, I did stop by the Deerfield Farmer’s Market today... Read more »

FODMAP Diet and Mojo Chipotle and a Pasta Recipe

I like spicy food but not the kind that you feel the after effect for hours and your throat aches.  Mild spicy food is probably what spicy food eaters call the wimps.  I’ll take it. Yesterday I received a package from Goya Foods and one of the products is Mojo Chipotle.  Bottle literature recommends adding... Read more »

Goya Coconut Water with a Guava Twist

I just love when I come home and there is a large package waiting by the front door and I don’t even remember ordering anything.   Goya the food company sent me a few items to try out and I was not disappointed.  In fact the products they sent were excellent and very low in calories. ... Read more »