Wannabe Lunch Lady Vegan Gluten-Free Rolls Recipe

When people go to sell their home,  some tend to have fresh bread baking or just-out-of-the-oven cookies to embellish in the minds of potential buyers the feeling of warmth.  The aroma of fresh bread brings to mind many happy memories; waking up to a warm breakfast of French toast made with fresh bread, or being in the classroom and the fresh smell of rolls baking in the school cafeteria suddenly has my stomach growling.  Then I became vegan and unfortunately gluten-free. 

How do you make memories with gluten-free bread?  Can’t make French toast any longer; the image of gluten-free bread dipped in a mixture of chia eggs and almond milk just doesn’t seem palatable.  School lunch ladies no longer bake yeast rolls and that aroma is gone but still lingers in my mind of something I can’t have.  What to do?

I have stayed home the last two days because school has been cancelled due to the weather.  The house is clean and there isn’t a drawer or closet that needs to be organized and the oven beckons me.  I miss “real” bread and have attempted many recipes in the quest of soft, chewy, crusty bread.  The following recipe brings the soft, chewy crusty bread nourishing my stomach with oh so good feelings, but only if you eat the rolls right out of the oven.  Any longer and it’s back to “yuk I just ate gluten-free bread”.  However, a spray of water the next day on the following recipes’ roll and into the microwave covered in a paper towel for 10 seconds seems to bring back the memory of out-of-the-oven allure.

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                                                           Wannabe Lunch Lady Vegan Gluten-Free Rolls

4 ½ cups (more or less as needed) of Costco (It’s the best I have tried, economical and I am not on Costco’s payroll) gluten-free flour

3 tbsps. of yeast

2 cups warm rice (any type will do) milk

¼ cup of sugar

2 tsps. of  salt

1 cup of melted vegan butter

2 tsps. of vanilla extract

Optional nuts, seeds or olives


Add yeast, sugar and salt to the warm milk and let it stand about 5 minutes.  In a mixer with the bread hook add 4 cups of flour, ½ cup butter and the yeast mixture and let the machine work the dough.  The dough will be a little sticky.

In a well-oiled 13.5 by 11 pan (doesn’t have to be exact) flour your hands and grab a roll size portion of dough and place it in the pan.  Continue to do so, neatly placing the rolls next to each other until you run out of dough. 

Butter the tops and then if you wish you may add your optional nuts or seeds or even olives.  Or add what you like.  Let the dough rise in a warm spot for 1 hour.  Bake at 400F degrees for about 15 minutes.  Eat.

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