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LuxBar Restaurant in Chicago is not Gluten-Free Friendly

LuxBar Restaurant in Chicago has the most amazing Truffle Fries that is a meal in itself.  It is a meal in itself because the only other vegan and gluten-free item on that menu is a veggie salad.  There are hundreds of cookbooks, web sites, food bloggers and at least ½ that many chefs that can... Read more »

Gluten-Free Dining at Joe's Seafood Restaurant in Chicago

I have more pet peeves than I wish to acknowledge publicly.  Since this is a food blog I will address the peeves that deal with food service.  Cleanliness and good service is a given not an “Oh this never happens, it is only this bus boy and he will be retrained,” nonsense. To celebrate Lenny,... Read more »

Wannabe Lunch Lady Vegan Gluten-Free Rolls Recipe

When people go to sell their home,  some tend to have fresh bread baking or just-out-of-the-oven cookies to embellish in the minds of potential buyers the feeling of warmth.  The aroma of fresh bread brings to mind many happy memories; waking up to a warm breakfast of French toast made with fresh bread, or being... Read more »