I Want A Government Job With No Attitude

Today I came across two employees stuck in dead end jobs and they both had attitudes.  It was more than obvious that those two had no interest in their jobs, and they basically spent the day watching the clock.  How sad.

For my job I needed to be fingerprinted and had to go to the district office which is a government agency and this is where I met my first winner.  She works in a cubicle, her attire is equivalent to rolling out of bed and putting on shoes, and whether she bathed was questionable.  I have the feeling she does not get to work early but leaves on time.

She was not happy to see me, because it meant getting out of her chair and fingerprinting me.  She gave me a form and informed that my check better be ready.  Or what??

    “Do you need instructions on how to get your fingerprints into the computer?” she asked in a monotone droll.

    “Yes I do.”  I replied while thinking to myself that I just couldn’t remember the last time I was arrested!!

She barked some sort of instructions to me and sat her butt down on her chair and then proceeded to watch me make a mess of it.  In retrospect she could have saved herself many syllables and just had gone ahead and fingerprinted me which she ended up having to do.  It is her job.

After that delightful encounter I met up with the next of the government worker that was also fried from doing nothing intellectually.  She threw a bunch of forms my way and asked if I had any questions.  She was gone before I even had a chance to read the forms.

Where do I find a government job (other than running for one), with benefits and no responsibility?  I would really be pleasant to all the taxpayers that passed by my cubicle and thank them for this opportunity to work.  Somehow I don’t think merit reviews work or are done!
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