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Constipation Leftover Bread: Do Not Attempt

 Every once in a while, I get the urge to clean out the refrigerator and the pantry and go into my creative mode and invent a recipe.  I place on my kitchen island all the food and packages that have very little in them and there isn’t enough to do anything but be creative or... Read more »

Iodine Deficiencies; Eat Non-Process Foods

Iodine Deficiencies; Eat Non-Process Foods
My friend Mona has a body to kill for, she runs like a jackal every day and her hair is amazing.   What could I possibly be blogging about today?  My friend Mona has an iodine deficiency.  This is an easy fix, unlike the troubles (exercise the silly fad that won’t go away) of a killer body... Read more »

I Want A Government Job With No Attitude

Today I came across two employees stuck in dead end jobs and they both had attitudes.  It was more than obvious that those two had no interest in their jobs, and they basically spent the day watching the clock.  How sad. For my job I needed to be fingerprinted and had to go to the... Read more »

Homemade Watermelon Water or Sherbet Recipe

I am enjoying my new style of eating which consists of no sugar and no grains.  I am no longer having intestinal pains and I am losing weight at the equivalent of ½ a pound per day and I am never hungry.  Never hungry doesn’t mean satisfied. I do miss grains.  Pizza is a food... Read more »

Gluten-Free Label Law In Full Effect

Decisions made in this country are made at the speed of a snail and years after the European Union has instituted the change(s).  Finally the FDA has a law in effect on labeling gluten-free products.   Sarcastically can it be possible that food manufactures were, let’s say, clumsy in product labeling? Many blogs ago I... Read more »

Review of "Eat To Live" by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

I read an interesting book last week; EAT TO LIVE by Dr. Joel Fuhrman  and to date I have lost 6 lbs.  He doesn’t condemn eating carcass but raves about eating vegetables, beans and fruit.  Interestingly enough he does not feel eating grains is a smart idea.    Dr. Fuhrman discusses eating quality and quantity which... Read more »

To Stay Healthy Don't Open Cans Of Food

I just learned something that is so gross that if I weren’t vegan I would become one.  All the cough drops you suck on when you have a cold or a sore throat and all the hard candy you enjoy so much is made with anal glands of beavers as one of its ingredients.  Canned... Read more »

Why Do We Pay Taxes and Vote for Buffoons

The following is not my usual blog but as a citizen and as a taxpayer I’m fed up.  Why are we paying taxes?  If the government or the “authorities” asked us to climb a mountain once a month would we do it?  If the government asked us to reject Facebook or Twitter would we?  If... Read more »