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Seeds (Chia,Sunflower,Pepita,Sesame etc.) What Are They Good For

Sometimes it is much easier to have a jar chock full of all kinds of seeds than going from container to container to pull out what you need.  I found a large glass jar at the Container Store and then went to my new favorite grocery store Fresh Thyme the equivalent of Whole Foods but... Read more »

What to Eat for Lunch When You are Vegan and Gluten-Free

It’s lunchtime and the refrigerator is open, a blank stare across your face and the same thought that goes through your mind every day; “what’s for lunch?”.  Salad the old standby is always a good choice but you want something different and something really good, so what is the choice?  Me to the rescue.  What... Read more »

What To Snack on That is Vegan and Gluten-Free

my favorite hummus
Its 10a.m and you are a bit peckish, what does someone snack on that is vegan and gluten-free (vgf) and doesn’t taste like cardboard?  Can’t head over to McDonalds for an Egg McMuffin or go across the street and get a donut or bagel at Dunkin Donuts.  Nope.  What to eat? When hunger strikes I... Read more »

What to Eat for Breakfast if you are Gluten-Free and Vegan

I got up this morning and couldn’t decide what I wanted for breakfast.  I’m bored of everything I eat or can eat.  What does someone that is vegan and worse gluten-free eat?  At that moment (okay, I made ice tea first and checked my emails, but right after that…) I decided to begin a series... Read more »

Vegan Gluten-Free Cheesecake Recipe

1st layer of the crust
Who doesn’t like cheesecake?  It is dense and sweet and either it is made with a deep dark chocolate or some savory fruit.  As you dive into every bite it is orgasmic and this is a dessert that should never be shared. A reader, after my own heart, sent me a Cheesecake recipe that she... Read more »

Homemade Pizza Vegan and Gluten-Free

Batter with the fresh basil
Medically having to go gluten-free has not been difficult since the majority of my meals are vegetable and pasta based.  However, I do miss pizza and bread that consists of gluten.  Udi’s bagels and breads are really good but it’s not gluten bread. My quest in life is to bake a pizza crust that comes... Read more »

Cleaning House and Purging All To A Garage Sale

I woke up this morning and mentioned that I was going to clean the house and purge us of everything we aren’t wearing or using.  Lenny (my son and tormentor) voiced that he is glad he is leaving for camp and won’t have to be nagged to death all summer long.  Lenny will never know... Read more »

The Story Of My Life With Lenny

The story of my life begins and ends with Lenny (My youngest son and had he been born first 2 more would never have followed!) and his life of commotion and ado that suckers me in.  From the moment he returns from college to the moment he leaves for summer camp as a counselor he... Read more »