Sevierly Good Gluten-Free Biscuits

I am very neurotic/protective when it comes to my children.   I never allowed anyone to take a picture of them that was not a relative because of my fear of the internet and pedophile’s.    I just met my soul mates.  At the GFAF (gluten-free allergen-free) Expo I met the owners of Sevierly Good Gluten-Free (not a typo).

I approached their booth and spoke with them in length about their products.  This is a family owned company and their offspring was in the booth with them and I asked if I could take a picture for my blog.  Within seconds the child hid behind the display so that I could not snap a picture of him/her.  The child’s parents explained why and I met my new best friends.  Silly me did not get a picture of the booth, the parents or their names.

They (lets refer to them as Ozzie and Harriet) noticed my badge and asked who I blogged for and would I like full-size free samples?  Yes.  They asked me to return at the end of the day (3 p.m.) and that is when they give everything away to bloggers.  I offered to pay for the product (the samples were delicious) because it was noon, I was tired and ready to head home.  Harriet gave me a package of organic biscuit mix and this is what this blog is about.

One of Ozzie and Harriet’s claim to fame is that their bread will remain moist for 5 days after baking.  It was delicious when I tried it (not a fan of gf bread, but this one was pretty tasty) however I can’t vouch for 5 days.  The expo was in town for 2 days and if I did stay at the Expo for 5 days (hotel above the expo) Ozzie, Harriet and their adorable child would have been long gone.   Had I thought ahead (rarely happens) I could have bought the loaf or mix and checked it out myself.

I baked the Servierly Good Biscuit Mix using Chia seeds instead of the eggs per the directions. Sevierly Good ( products can be made vegan by switching out the eggs.  The mix is geared up to make, biscuits, pancakes, waffles and scones and with the promise of 12 biscuits or 18 pancakes approximately.  I cut out 10 biscuits and they were delicious.  Warm and flaky and easy to prepare using the one bowl method is my style of cooking. 

The cost to purchase all or any of the mixes offered on their websites is high compared to buying the products already made in the grocery store.  I do believe it is worth the cost if the qualities of the products are anything comparable to the biscuit mix or the bread I tried at their booth.  Plus it is family own and they have the cutest child and one biscuit is only 90 calories.  However if you eat all 10 biscuits in one sitting that is 900 calories plus the vegan butter.  I didn’t do that.
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