Review of "The Girl and The Goat Restaurant"

The last place on earth (or one of the top ten) my readers would expect to see a person of my convictions and a vegan gluten-free persona would be at The Girl and The Goat but unfortunately it is true.  It’s my husband’s birthday and that was his choice of eating establishment.  It took me 3 months to get a reservation and I could only get 5:30pm on a Sunday.

There were about 3 choices for me to dine on at The Girl and The Goat  and they were all salads.  They do have a gluten-free menu but you must also be a carcass eater.  If you enjoy tapas then this is the place for you, if you are dining with a carcass eating group or individual but alone, go elsewhere.  However, the gluten-free bread was the best I have ever tasted.  It has eggs.  Someone should have mentioned that.  My tummy hurts.

The atmosphere was that of a vibrant downtown restaurant that is hot and yuppie.  People were dressed very casual and the waitstaff was fantastic.  The cutlery was heavy and not the cheap thin weightless types that I do so dislike.

The best part of the day was attending the GFAF Expo.  The amount and the variety of foods that were displayed and sampled were beyond my wildest dreams.   From cookies, to cakes, to pasta, to breads and crackers to Chiropractors and healing oils the expo was a huge success.   My husband reluctantly escorted me, and ended up with a massage and a smile on his face.  In the coming days, I will post about the people I met and the types of food that were tasty and those that were crappy.   I was wonderfully surprised.
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