Passover Sponge Cake Mix With Crushed Pineapples

While catching up on all the scoops and gossip that goes on every day on my Facebook page I came upon a recipe for Angel Food Cake.  If a recipe is posted on Facebook then you know it has to be really good and Costco has the best tasting pizza in the entire world.

I have a box of Passover Sponge cake mix, that is gluten-free and the recipe calls for a box of Angel Food Cake Mix. Potato Potatoh.   The sole other ingredient is a 20 ounce can of crushed pineapple and I happen to have one.   Easy recipe, two ingredients and none of the ingredients calls for an egg.  What could go wrong?

If you recall my last blog on my experimentation on Passover gluten-free mixes, it was a fiasco. (  This Passover Sponge Cake mix I have calls for 6 eggs, and because I don’t have any intentions of trying faux pas eggs in its place I was going to return the box until I happen upon this recipe for Angel Food Cake.  Plus the sponge cake mix recipe calls for separating those eggs and beating the egg whites until stiff peaks, and had I even bothered to read that while at the store, I wouldn’t have bought the mix.  And to top it off, the box claims it is moist and simple.  That is not what I call simple.

passover sponge cake

Back to the recipe: in a bowl combine the two (mix and pineapple) and some sort of reaction is supposed to occur according to the Facebook recipe instructions.  I didn’t see any sort of reaction and quite possibly it could be because I used a sponge cake mix instead of angel food cake mix.  Once mixed pour the batter, which will be incredibly runny into a pre-greased 9×13 cake pan and bake at 350 for 25 minutes. 

Once it came out of the oven, the cake seemed a tad bit pale, and to salvage the look I added powdered sugar on top because the cake wasn’t sweet enough!!  When I stuck a fork in the cake to test for doneness the consistency was that of gooey Jello and bubble gum.   I can’t even begin to describe the taste, but it wasn’t bad.  I wouldn’t serve it to company but I would to my worst enemy.

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