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My Life As an Illegitimate Royal Princess of England

  For those of you that don’t know me very well I was born in London, England as the illegitimate daughter of King George.  My life was wonderful and I grew up as a Princess without the title.   Unlike society today, illegitimacy was not welcomed back then but his Royal Highness the King loved me... Read more »

Gluten-Free Brownie Mix by Johnny's at Costco's

I love going to Costco, walking up and down the aisle (my exercise), running into people and off course looking but not eating all the samples.  Speaking of samples, why is it that people who are not hungry, probably have money in the bank, drive a nice car go bat-crap crazy for the samples that... Read more »

Sevierly Good Gluten-Free Biscuits

I am very neurotic/protective when it comes to my children.   I never allowed anyone to take a picture of them that was not a relative because of my fear of the internet and pedophile’s.    I just met my soul mates.  At the GFAF (gluten-free allergen-free) Expo I met the owners of Sevierly Good Gluten-Free (not... Read more »

Gluten-Free Pizza Crust by Pane-Riso Like Eating Real Pizza

Pizza crust
I was invited to blog for the GFAF (gluten-free allergy-free) Expo that was in town two weekends ago.  I went with high expectations and was not too disappointed; in fact I was stuffed with all kinds of foods and happily didn’t gain a pound.  Must have been all that walking to cover over 200 booths.... Read more »

GFAF EXPO Where I Can Manga Without Ails

my stash
I returned from the GFAF (gluten-free allergy-free) Expo 2 weeks ago with lots to tell you and I would have blogged sooner but Lenny (last year’s Mono kid) came down with Walking Pneumonia and I just would not let him come home.  Last time I allowed Lenny to return to convalesce he stayed and dropped... Read more »

Review of "The Girl and The Goat Restaurant"

The waiter tried to make the menu vgf for me.
The last place on earth (or one of the top ten) my readers would expect to see a person of my convictions and a vegan gluten-free persona would be at The Girl and The Goat but unfortunately it is true.  It’s my husband’s birthday and that was his choice of eating establishment.  It took me... Read more »

Passover Sponge Cake Mix With Crushed Pineapples

While catching up on all the scoops and gossip that goes on every day on my Facebook page I came upon a recipe for Angel Food Cake.  If a recipe is posted on Facebook then you know it has to be really good and Costco has the best tasting pizza in the entire world. I... Read more »

An Impartial Review of Passover Cake Mixes

My electricity went out this morning due to the little rain shower we are experiencing, yet throughout this winter and the heavy storms my electricity stayed put.  I just read the front of the canister of Chica Seeds I am using and it reads:  “Eat right out of the canister” yet when I read the... Read more »

Diet Miracle Soup and New Attempts at Weight Loss

If I take another bite of the Diet Miracle Soup I’m going to gag, throw–up and then commit diet faux pas:  I’m going to have a scoop of vegan ice cream with tons of hot fudge (vegan style of course) and then top it off with soy based whipped cream.  Or better yet, I’m going to... Read more »

Miracle Weight Loss Soup That IS Delicious

Passover is around the corner and those that observe give away all the food in their home to food banks or the non-Jewish neighbor.  I don’t observe but I use this time to move the stock around and clean the house.  It’s good to clean out the cabinets once a year and restock with fresh supplies... Read more »