My Life As an Illegitimate Royal Princess of England


For those of you that don’t know me very well I was born in London, England as the illegitimate daughter of King George.  My life was wonderful and I grew up as a Princess without the title.   Unlike society today, illegitimacy was not welcomed back then but his Royal Highness the King loved me all the same.

I had a nanny I called Challah and she was amazing.  Every morning Challah would wake me up with the aroma of a crumpet lightly toasted and smothered in clotted cream and huckleberry preserves, freshly made for me.  My orange juice was freshly squeezed from oranges flown in from California and my cup of tea was brewed to a perfectly mild taste and not hot enough to burn my precious lips.  I spent the day riding my pony, Henry and then my governess, Jane would begin my education with a wonderful story also written especially for me.  Life revolved around me.

My home was Windsor Castle and I had the most fabulous apartments.  Richly decorated in the Tartan pattern and gingerly laced with pink Chantilly lace that covered my four poster bed.  The room was filled with dolls from all over the world that King George would bring me on his visits and the time we spent together was magical.  We would walk the gardens and speak of history and horticultural.  King George was brilliant. 

I remember the parties, the balls and most especially my debutante ball with my two half-sisters; Elizabeth and Margaret to guide me.   I danced the night away in the most glorious gown designed by Coco Channel.  Coco was a lovely lady and after she designed my dress she became quite famous.


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