Gluten-Free Pizza Crust by Pane-Riso Like Eating Real Pizza

I was invited to blog for the GFAF (gluten-free allergy-free) Expo that was in town two weekends ago.  I went with high expectations and was not too disappointed; in fact I was stuffed with all kinds of foods and happily didn’t gain a pound.  Must have been all that walking to cover over 200 booths.

Today’s rant, I mean blog will be about pizza.  Chicago is known for some of the best pizza’s in the country and pizza is one of the foods I miss most having to be gluten-free.  I miss it so much that I do eat it and suffer the consequences and openly declare that I won’t do this again as I am rolling over in a fetal position with pain and gas, only to do so time after time.  On my quest to find the perfect pizza crust I did happen upon Pane-Riso White Rice Pizza Crust and as a disclaimer the company did give me the crust for free when they saw my blogger badge.  Blogging does have its perks and benefits.

The gluten-free  pizza crust by Pane-Riso came packaged in an air-tight thick plastic cover  that allowed the pizza crust  to contain its moistness.    It also smelled nicely and tempting and you are probably wondering how tempting smells; without making me gag is my definition.  I happen to have a jar of pizza sauce (in anticipation of finding a good crust or any attempt on my part to create a edible pizza crust) in my cabinets and frozen gluten-free vegan cheese that eaten alone will prompt the stomach to convalse and gag and some vomit comes up enough so that you get the taste.

I took out a pizza pan and coated it with oil spray, laid the crust on the pan and then covered it with the jar pizza sauce.  Afterwards I put the wretched cheese (taste okay when combined with other foods) and stir fried some veggies and placed those on top of the cheese.  The instructions for baking the pizza reads 10 minutes at 350F.  However, I had the oven at 450F since I was baking a Gino’s East for my husband. The last ten minutes of baking I added the Pane-Riso pizza and it turned out perfect.  The crust was baked to a delightful crunch and the pizza was oh so good.   It’s not the real pizza that I crave but it comes pretty close and I would buy this crust again.

Recommendations:  Prepare what you will eat at one sitting, as this pizza does not reheat well.  The crust was rock hard after it was reheated the next day and not enjoyable to eat.  The calorie count is not too bad, 110 calories per 1/4 of the crust and it is a large slice.  More reviews to come from taste testing at the GFAF Expo.


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