Gluten-Free Brownie Mix by Johnny's at Costco's

I love going to Costco, walking up and down the aisle (my exercise), running into people and off course looking but not eating all the samples.  Speaking of samples, why is it that people who are not hungry, probably have money in the bank, drive a nice car go bat-crap crazy for the samples that are the size of a flies tail??  They will run over anyone in the way and grab at that sample at all costs, pushing aside little kids and old ladies.

As I walk up and down the aisle seeking new products especially the vegan gluten-free variety and of course easy and economical I happen upon a brownie mix.  Johnny’s Gluten-Free Brownie mix was next to the Ghirardelli Brownie mix, and I bought it.  I immediately rushed home, knocking down all those bat-crazy people in my way and put the mix in the pantry and promptly forgot about it until today.

I have all this applesauce left over from Passover and pondered what to do with it and lo and behold the gluten-free brownie recipe beckoned me.  I preheated the oven to 350F, sprayed a 9 x 9 pan (I think it is, I never measured.) and took out a large bowl.  I made 3 chia eggs (recipe call for 3 eggs) and instead of the oil I used the applesauce.  The instructions call for only a 1/4 cup of applesauce, and I still have about 64 ounces left, what to do?  Per the instructions I mixed together everything and I also added a teaspoon of vanilla extract (enhances the flavor) and about a cup of pecans.  Then I placed the batter in the oven for 30 minutes even though the recipe instructions suggest 37 (weird) minutes.

I checked the nutrition label and it appears if you eat just 1/4 cup of the dried mix it is only 90 calories.  How often does that happen?

I tried the brownies warm and they were okay but not great.  If I had soy whipped cream it would have been better or even soy vanilla ice cream would have added to the very rich chalky flavor.  The brownie possess a deep rich chocolate flavor but doesn’t taste natural and unfortunately I have two packets left (box comes filled with 3 individual packets) and 64 ounces of applesauce.  Maybe I can combine both packets, the jar of applesauce a few chia eggs and develop a cake.  A glass of red wine with ice cubes and that cake would/could taste really good.


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