GFAF EXPO Where I Can Manga Without Ails

I returned from the GFAF (gluten-free allergy-free) Expo 2 weeks ago with lots to tell you and I would have blogged sooner but Lenny (last year’s Mono kid) came down with Walking Pneumonia and I just would not let him come home.  Last time I allowed Lenny to return to convalesce he stayed and dropped out of college for the semester.  Not going to let that happen again, I can deal with a 5th semester senior but not a sixth.  Then I came down with the flu and yadda yadda blah blah.

Let’s discuss the GFAF Expo:  I loved it.  There were 200 vendors hawking their products and giving gobs of samples and free stuff away and all the products were gluten-free though not all were vegan.   A sausage vendor was quite annoyed with me when I asked him if he had a vegan version.  It was an innocent question, I though.

On top of food displays there were the oil salespeople (diffusers and snake oil potions) and off course 3 booths of chiropractors.   Rachel, my son’s girlfriend was going to accompany me but Orphans of the Storm, a local animal shelter begged for her assistance, and Rachel is so loving that she had to help.  I took Gregg, my husband who won’t eat anything gluten-free and thinks vegans are bad hunters (okay it’s an old joke), but he was quite surprised and quite happy when he received a free massage.  The chiropractors had all kinds of gimmicks to lure you in and they almost talked Gregg into a full body chiropractic evaluation for $450.  Fortunately I was nearby and told said quack I mean Dr. that we would get back in touch with him.  Not.

There were bakeries that made the most delicious desserts, unfortunately they used eggs and not of the chia variety.  The pizza’s smelled so good and so tempting but they used real cheese versus that stuff called soy cheese that taste almost like vomit coming up.  I miss pizza.

The breads smelled so good and  tasted pretty good.  One company had bagels and served without the smear but was tasty anyhow.   One particular favorite is Chebe Bread ( was a melt in your mouth so delicious that I wanted more.  The breads are gluten-free, tree nut free, lactose free, iodine free (who puts iodine in bread???), sugar free and Non GMO and kosher certified and it was tre (French) delicious.

I forgot to mention Chocolates.  Lots and lots and even more and all were so good that I could have developed Diabetes had I not moved away.  In blogs to come all the products I have eaten/sampled will be discussed in greater details. 

Gobs of cookbooks and books that describe what are in every product ever made in the entire world and he meant that.  I almost believed him.  The book was thick but not entire world thick.  I am gullible but not to that point.  Some cookbook authors asked if I would review their books and I off course say yes, until they asked me to purchase a copy.  Good one. One very nice lady did say she would mail me a copy without me ever asking and if it is good, my readers will get a discount on the book purchase.   But hold your horses, I have written a cookbook and once Rachel, my editor reviews it and gives me the okay I will inform you so that you can shell out your hard earned money and buy my cookbook temporarily titled Vegan Gluten-Free Easy and Economical and Tasty.   I need a better title.  Ideas are welcomed but profits not shared.

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