Diet Miracle Soup and New Attempts at Weight Loss

If I take another bite of the Diet Miracle Soup I’m going to gag, throw–up and then commit diet faux pas:  I’m going to have a scoop of vegan ice cream with tons of hot fudge (vegan style of course) and then top it off with soy based whipped cream.  Or better yet, I’m going to take two fiber pills and eat gluten filled bread with vegan butter.  Life sucks.

Don’t get me wrong that soup seriously works and the pounds melt off, but a person needs variation in an already limitless diet.   I have found that popping too many of those fiber ( pills has consequences that I shan’t go into.  Oh ok I’ll tell you:  take enough of those fiber pills and a person can compose, edit and publish a blog from the throne.  But in defense of the fiber pills, I have enjoyed real bread laced with gluten and it’s been terrific.

Pasta.  The answer to the question, “What to eat?”.  In a large pot filled with water I boiled quinoa pasta (1/2 bag) that I picked up at Trader Joe’s.  (It is still the least expensive place for gluten-free foods.)  Once the pasta was al dente, I added all kinds of veggies that I had chopped up fine (zucchini, potatoes, broccoli, squash and also peas, corn and Edamame) plus a nice pasta sauce and for the parmesan cheese flavoring I added Nutritional Yeast.  This pasta much like the soup can have a wide variety of vegetables and beans and can fulfil your taste buds.

However, pasta, whether it’s gluten-free or not is still a carb.  Carbs are what made you fat and your wantonness unconstraint undisciplined gluttony way of eating and that is me living in a glass home and throwing the first brick.

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