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The Cure For Gluten-Free Sensitivity Cure

I have discovered the cure for gluten-free allergies/sensitivity, but not for Celiacs, sorry.   Tonight I had Lou Malnati’s pizza, without the cheese and I had no side effects. Last week I had half a loaf of sourdough bread. Yes, I love bread and I felt if I was going to be ill, I might as... Read more »

Weight Loss Soup Recipe II and More

Size of the Pot I use.
My husband, Gregg becomes holier than thou and orthodox on the High Holidays and Passover.  The fact that he goes to temple twice a year and he fasts and does not allow himself to eat until sunset of one of the High Holidays and I can remember which one, makes him a true holier than... Read more »

It's A Miracle Weight Loss Soup

 I heard a bird chirp this morning and I knew  what it was because I remember from last summer hearing that same song and I had really begun to think this was never going to happen again.  I heard a bird chirp, it’s so exciting.  But then I remembered, soon it will be swim suit season... Read more »

Miracle Weight Loss Soup Recipe That Is a No FAIL

Today is the first day of spring and it’s snowing.  Some people would consider that abominable, horrible and what a sucky winter.  I consider it a blessing.  Why you ask with abated breath?  Because it gives me more time to work out my arms and get them nice and shapely before I done the armless... Read more »

The Big Bang Theory and Costco's Cheese Pizza

Every Thursday night for the last 7 years I have tuned into CBS at 7p.m. to watch The Big Bang Theory (TBBT), probably the best show on t.v.  For the last three years I have served pizza (I watch as everyone devours that cheese laden bread of pure deliciousness while I eat something gluten-free that... Read more »

Passover Vegetable Lentil Soup With No Guilt

Passover is slowly approaching and I have been busy in the kitchen trying to develop vegan gluten-free (gf) matzo balls and kugels.    If you are reading this with abated breath, begin breathing because Passover is not for the vegan gluten-free.  This holiday is full of chicken fat, cream, eggs and more chicken fat.  I did... Read more »

I Want Good Gluten-Free Bread and Pizza

It has always been the little things in life (other than winning the lottery) that makes everything worthwhile.   For example, all socks that have their partners after folding laundry, an apology that was not expected or a job interview with a great outcome. My friend linda mentioned that she does not miss dairy and she... Read more »

Kristin Cavallari IS Not Vaccinating Her Son

Kristin Cavallari is not going to vaccinate her son.  I don’t think that is the problem.  How about the fact that she looks anorexic and didn’t seem to gain much weight in her pregnancy?  I would think that maybe she would be more worried about his I.Q.  because pregnant women need to nourish the unborn... Read more »

Dairy Is Bad For Bones and Leads to Osteoporosis

Dairy is bad for bones.  Before Emily (my future DIL) suggest I go to an Oxygen Bar and order a nice glass of air, let me explain my last statement.  My hip is hurting and my BFF Linda thought it was the start of a future hip replacement.  Linda is an expert since she has... Read more »

Non-Yeast Soft and Chewy Seeded Bread

As a substitute teacher at the local high school I am called when a teacher is sick, her kid is sick or she has a meeting to attend, otherwise I get to stay home and figure out what to do with my day.  Today is one of those days that I am home and I... Read more »