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Jainism a Religion That Promotes Veganism

Jainism.  It is a religion and members are called Jains.  What does this have to do with being vegan and gluten-free?  Jains believes in not eating any foods that might have carcass, root vegetables, garlic and onions.   Jains don’t eat Garlic and onion specifically because it increases sexual desires. Yesterday, a blogger (  from... Read more »

The Polar Vortex and My Life Today and its Meaning

Day two of my homebound escape from the polar vortex and what it means to me and what it has done to me: I have cleaned out closets and drawers and rearranged everything so that my husband claims that if he were blind, he would be lost. I have baked bread and my home has... Read more »

Vegan Gluten-Free Cheesy Bread with Pre-Mixed Flour

It is -40 degrees Fahrenheit here in the windy city;  the schools are closed as are many other government agencies (wow, what a shocker!) so what a better day than to bake bread and not just any bread but Gluten-Free (gf) Bread.  In the past without much success I have mixed gf flours together and... Read more »

Nutritional Yeast Chock Full of Vitamins, Minerals & High in Protien

I am in love with Nutritional Yeast.  You would think that being a vegan and gluten-free Nutritional Yeast would have played a large role in my baking or cooking.  Well it didn’t until a few days ago.  I was watching the Dr. Oz show that I taped and a blurb on Nutritional Yeast caught my... Read more »

Rachel Discovers Sunda New Asian and RPM Italian Restaurants

I love the fact that my two FDIL (future-daughter-in-laws, and I know I’ll probably get a call from my sons on this but hey, it’s a call!!!) send me info to blog (rant) about.  Just this morning Rachel informed me on two gluten-free restaurants she has visited with my son.  First one to discuss (rant)... Read more »

Alinea Restaurant and That Crying Baby

Alinea Restaurant has been in the news lately because inconsiderate parents subjected their 8 month old baby to bad food.  Oh sorry, because the baby was crying.  I just peeked at the menu, and I would cry too.  It has more carcass basted, broiled, fried, than anything else I have seen and the menu is... Read more »

Yiddish, Chinese Food & Dieting all Vegan Gluten-Free

MISHPOCHA:  usually extended family in Yiddish.  Last night I had dinner at a Chinese restaurant that accommodated my vegan gluten-free lifestyle. You are probably wondering what’s up with the Yiddish, well, we had dinner with my son’s future in-laws and that makes them our new family, almost.  Just as soon as my son proposes to Emily... Read more »

How to Diet Correctly and Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

It’s been 8 days since you made one of your New Year’s resolutions; to lose weight this year and you were serious about it.  You’ve already blown that one and you are so upset with yourself.  Why did you fail?  Because you called it a diet instead of a life-style-change and DIET is a four... Read more »