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New Year's Eve Tofu Pizza Vegan and Gluten-Free

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and what does a vegan gluten-free food challenged person eat? Tofu Pizza!  What else? Were you thinking tofu lobster?  Vegan cheese faux crab cakes?  Silly you, pizza is the only way to enjoy New Year’s Eve and off course lots of alcohol. If you want to be... Read more »

Bat Crazy Mothers on Chicago's North Shore

The world is full of bitchy women that reside on Chicago’s North Shore.  They wake up with the sole purpose of making someone’s life hell.  They don’t have anything else to do but become troublesome, nasty and petty women.  Why do people allow these bitches to intimidate them. Lenny, my youngest son is home with... Read more »

Chicago Bulls/Levy Restaurants Disappointed with Lack of VGF Selection

At the Chicago Bulls game last Saturday night I was very disappointed with the gluten-free selection that Levy Restaurant offered.  Fresh fruit cup, salad with chicken, hot dog on a gluten-free bun and nothing in the vegan area.  I basically could have ordered that crap anywhere in the stadium and by removing the bun my... Read more »