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Tips For Living Healthy

Please enjoy a guest blog by: Rebecca Linen Healthy is defined as the state of not being sick or injured.  Staying healthy is not always easy, but there are several ways that you can make it easier.  Below are some healthy tips: Manage Your Stress Stress is something that is pretty much impossible to avoid.... Read more »

Raising Clueless Kids on Chicago's North Shore

Hey people on the North Shore, you are raising idiots.  The bubble is about to burst open.   I taught a class today at a very prestigious high school and the subject was immigration.  Your geniuses all believe that the government has unlimited funds and can dole out money to illegal aliens to go to college, to get... Read more »

Dr. Oz Is Wrong! His Weight Loss Methods DO NOT WORK

I just don’t believe Dr. Oz.  His latest gimmick for losing weight is to try TWO bites of whatever fatty fat fat is calling you and then wash said delicacy down with a glass of water. The “science” behind this craziness is that the water and Two bites will trick your mind into believing you have just devoured the... Read more »

Wildfire Restaurant in Glenview: Delicious

In the back ground, our waitress Shayna brought me a gluten-free roll slighlty toasted.
I have decided that the restaurant experience begins with the wait staff.  If said wait staff is crappy the meal is crappy.  We (my husband and myself) had the most memorable experience tonight at Wildfire Restaurant in Glenview.  Shayna our waitress was accomodating and knowledgeable.  I asked if the restaurant offered a gluten-free bun and... Read more »

Snake Oil Elixir: Coconut Oil and Cinnamon and Honey

Lately on Facebook I have begun to receive cures that have been posted by “friends”.  They remind me of the snake oil days (Peddlers on a dais harping their remedy for anything and everything that the elixir they are selling will cure your pains and ails.)  These cures are not from my “friends” but mostly... Read more »

Mediocre Food At Saranello's Restaurant in Wheeling, IL Gluten-Free Review

It is not the mediocre food that Saranello’s, a Lettuce Entertain You Restaurant, serves; it’s the worst wait service I have encountered.  We were seated (tables are on-top of one another) and seriously waited 15 minutes before my husband had to wave over a floor manager.  The busboy did serve us water, but the pitcher... Read more »

Obama grow a Pair. Syria is not Afraid

FYI,  I didn’t vote for Obama the first time around and was totally dumb-founded when he won the second term.   (If you are waiting for a vegan gluten-free recipe to follow this rant, you won’t find one.  Just informing you so there will be no disappointment.) This country was founded by the principles of free... Read more »

Texting While Driving is one of my Pet Peeves

The pet peeve in my life are bad drivers, texters, double dippers and people that are chronically late all the time.  We all know them as the inconsiderate jerks that are late for everything no matter what and worse, they know that we will be waiting.  How about  the texters that need to text something so important that... Read more »