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I was asked to write a few blogs for Vegan Restaurant Finder and though I could spread a little of myself a lot more plus it is fun and challenging and a great site to check out if you are leaving town.  Following are two of the blogs I have written for Vegan Restaurant Finder and I hope you enjoy them:  and

The first link is to a machine called a Turning Slicer and it is great for making vegetables in the shape of spaghetti.  The second link is to a restaurant I ate at while in Ft. Lauderdale.  It is one restaurant you should try if ever in the area.

For those of you that read my blog on and are awaiting a picture of the waffle with all the toppings, I didn’t do it.  The thought of all those calories persuaded me not to even attempt it.  Though the next time I get hormonal watch out!!

Back to my blog on Turning Slicer (yep that’s the name of the gizmo and I found it on Amazon) I have been compiling a few recipes that I plan to share soon.  From zucchini to carrots to turnips to your imagination this gizmo really makes food fun and dining even more delicious.

And dear readers feel free to continue to send me recipes that you would like converted into vegan gluten-free easy and economical and above all really great tasting.  I would also love comments on where you want to see this blogs direction.  For example:  Erma Bombeck wanna be or more recipes, ideas or fascist comments.  Thanks again and keep reading, commenting and above all stay hungry!!

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