The French Market is Located on Clinton St. in Chicago

I went downtown (Chicago) yesterday to help my son pack to move out of his apartment into a condo.  At lunch time, my son suggested the French Market on Clinton Street and was it impressive.  From fresh fruits to beautiful desserts that could (It was tempting.) transform a vegan to a vegetarian I was impressed.

There were coffee shops and tea vendors and a whole host of foods representing many countries.  From sushi to falafel to fried rice and back to burgers, hotdogs and fries, this French Market left nothing out.

If you want to get reservations to The Girl and the Goat restaurant, you would need to wait at least 3 months. However, if you are in the French Market make your way to The Little Goat Bread and you will enjoy a taste of The Girl and the Goat restaurant.

The Menu:

little goat bread

First impression the menu would not seem to accommodate the vegan but the staff will adjust the sandwiches to order.  For example; The Tuna, rid yourself of the actual fish, add mustard instead of the mayo and you have a delicious sandwich.  The Veggie is outstanding without the pimiento cheese.  Also since I am gluten-free the staff was able to accommodate me by removing the crispy onions and substituting little fries (delicious) and replacing the squish squash bun with a gluten-free bun that was moist and mouth-watering.

The gluten-free vegan Veggie Sandwich modified:goat girl sandwich


I would go back just to buy the gluten-free bread.  I have a feeling it was not vegan, but dare I ask?

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