The Claim Company Restaurants Salad Bar in Northbrook Court Mall

Just because you order the salad bar at a restaurant it does not necessarily mean that you are eating nutritiously.  While there are the standard veggies, the exotic jicama, the oiled covered artichokes and of course, the worst offenders are the mayonnaise laden salads.  I was dining at  The Claim Company Restaurants Salad Bar in Northbrook Court Mall,  yesterday with my incredibly handsome sons while seated near the salad bar.  I noticed that the obese people put a few shreds of greens on their plate fooling themselves into thinking healthy while the other chubby paw is ladling potato salads, macaroni salads, muffins, breadsticks and gobs of salad dressing onto an all ready filled plate of fat.  I also noticed one chubbet filled a to go dressing container with salad dressing to take back to her booth on top of the cup of salad dressing that enveloped her plate.

The thin people or those attempting to lose weight load their cold metal plates (regular size white plates at dinner) with greens , veggies and go with a lite salad dressing.  On their return trip to the unlimited salad bar they place fresh fruit on the cold metal plate and take a muffin.   Not the waddlers that for some reason are seated in booths which they don’t fit in, much like airport seats and consider the unlimited trips to the salad bar a reason to gorge themselves as if this was there last buffet.  I thought of snapping a few pictures of the Alps creation, but I was afraid the chubbets would start a confrontation with me or worse.  I am not confrontational :))

Why do parents of toddlers feel it is okay to steal from the salad bar they have not ordered or would be insulted if they were asked to pay for after taking veggies, fruit and muffins for their misbehaving brats.  Worse is when these parents allow their brats to help themselves to what ever they want, sticking their unwashed hands in all the food.  Gross!  I actually approached the owner and asked him to do something about the unsanitary conditions, thinking he would admonish the parents and send the kids back to their table.  Nope, he just cleaned and said nothing.  Is he afraid they won’t return to the restaurant for another visit if he said something?  Why would he want them back, it has got to cost him more in labor (that particular group left food on the floor around them and the mess they left at the salad bar was disgusting)  and in food then what they actually spend at the restaurant?

Of course if any of my gorgeous sons ever make me a grandmother, I am sure I will allow my precious babies to make the same mess and eat all they want at the salad bar that I have no intentions of paying for.  But they will be my loves and they can do as they wish!!

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