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A Lifestyle Change for a Happier, Healthier Future

  According to scientific research, approximately 1 million Americans are practicing veganism. Being a vegan means altering your diet as well as your clothing and purchasing decisions, to help put an end to the unethical treatment and exploitation that animals are often put through. Vegans will not only eliminate beef, chicken, fish and pork from... Read more »

The French Market is Located on Clinton St. in Chicago

I went downtown (Chicago) yesterday to help my son pack to move out of his apartment into a condo.  At lunch time, my son suggested the French Market on Clinton Street and was it impressive.  From fresh fruits to beautiful desserts that could (It was tempting.) transform a vegan to a vegetarian I was impressed.... Read more »

The Claim Company Restaurants Salad Bar in Northbrook Court Mall

Just because you order the salad bar at a restaurant it does not necessarily mean that you are eating nutritiously.  While there are the standard veggies, the exotic jicama, the oiled covered artichokes and of course, the worst offenders are the mayonnaise laden salads.  I was dining at  The Claim Company Restaurants Salad Bar in Northbrook... Read more »

Vegan Restaurant Finder Blogs

I was asked to write a few blogs for Vegan Restaurant Finder and though I could spread a little of myself a lot more plus it is fun and challenging and a great site to check out if you are leaving town.  Following are two of the blogs I have written for Vegan Restaurant Finder... Read more »

Breakfast is it Oatmeal, Pancakes or Fruit?

Breakfast is boring or is it me?  This morning I was hungry but didn’t know what I wanted.  I could make oatmeal, pancakes or eat fruit.  Soooo bored of all that.  I wanted something that was hearty, sweet and full of calories.  Maybe I’m hormonal, either way I want something.   All I had was oatmeal,... Read more »

How A Vegan Lifestyle Can Benefit Your Health

  While eating meat, cheese, eggs, and dairy products has become a large aspect of the culture in our society, many people are making the change to a vegan lifestyle and are enjoying the health benefits that can result from eating more vegetables, fruits, and legumes. Sure, the lifestyle change can seem overwhelming, especially at... Read more »

Potato Bread

Once upon a time there was bread that was warm and the scent filled the room and when you bit into it, it was soft and covered in vegan butter, melted in your mouth, filled your tummy and life was good.  Aaah!  Then for whatever reason you had to become gluten-free.  The tragedy.  Overnight you... Read more »