A Lifestyle Change for a Happier, Healthier Future


According to scientific research, approximately 1 million Americans are practicing veganism. Being a vegan means altering your diet as well as your clothing and purchasing decisions, to help put an end to the unethical treatment and exploitation that animals are often put through. Vegans will not only eliminate beef, chicken, fish and pork from their diet, but also animal by-products, such as eggs, milk and cheese. Becoming a vegan can be not only beneficial to animals and the environment, but can help those who follow veganism to lead healthier and happier lives.

Since vegans will reduce and maybe even eliminate their intake of saturated fats and animal hormones, their cholesterol levels can lower to almost half the level of meat-eaters. Since animal products contain vital vitamins, minerals and proteins, it’s important for those considering veganism to get the substances their body needs. Fruits and vegetables, as well as vitamin and mineral pill-substitutes can help to provide those substances. Black beans, soy and veggie burgers, tofu, peanut butter and soymilk can help provide protein, while broccoli, almonds, kale and orange juice provides essential calcium.

While the decision to go vegan can come about from a variety of reasons, doing a bit of research before diving in can assure you that this is a life choice you’re willing to make and stick to. Getting to know the vegan community through in-person events or online blogging communities can help you better understand the health benefits and challenges that face those thinking of beginning a vegan lifestyle.

For more information on veganism, visit our blog on Vegan Restaurant Finder.  Written by my guest blogger Rebecca Linen.




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