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Food Challenged in Ft. Lauderdale

If you want to lose weight and you are vegan and gluten-free Ft. Lauderdale is your destination.   I received so many blank stares as I asked  the simple question of; “Do you have a gluten-free menu?”  Guessing from the whales in bikinis and the overly tatooed in wife beater tees with the bellies protuding,... Read more »

Ft. Lauderdale Restaurant Reviews

Fresh First is a restaurant in the Ft. Lauderdale area that is simply delicious.  My friend Lin tried the quinoa burger and the veganisse cole slaw, while I indulged in zuchhini pasta covered in olives, garbanzo beans and tomatoes with a vingerette dressing and we both had orgasims as we ate (food-wise). The food was... Read more »

Ft. Lauderdale on the Skinny

Ft. Lauderdale here I come.  Preflight I ordered a VGF meal.  I was served United Airlines version of  Sausage  Egg Cheese McMuffn and a side of cheap yogurt, fresh fruit and a cinnamon bun.  I  asked the flight attendant if there was a special meal for me and she responded that it was the one... Read more »

Exercising, Restaurants, Manufacturers, We are the New Business

I haven’t had a chance to blog because I have been exercising, working out (the same thing),  lifting weights and running.  I also have a bridge in Mount Prospect to sell you.  People I have been dining my way throughout the day(s).  There are so many restaurants with gluten-free menus and if you leave the... Read more »

When Only a Vegan Brownie Recipe Will Do!

Yesterday while having plenty to do and not feeling like doing any chores I decided to surf the web with the intent on finding a new vegan brownie recipes.  I came across a brownie recipe that called for regular flour but was vegan in every other way.  The challenge to convert the recipe to gluten-free stared and mocked me... Read more »

VGF Dining at a Restaurant or at a Relatives

Jamie and Josh enjoying ice cream while I watched in envy.
Being VGF is a task in itself but it is a bothersome proposition when you are invited to dinner out at a restaurant or a meal at a friends or relatives home.  You don’t want to be a bother and I prefer not to state my food challenges but it is always discovered and then I... Read more »

Just Because I'm Vegan Does Not Mean I'm Thin

Just because I am vegan does not mean I’m thin,  That is a misconception  most (a lot) of people make.  Vegans eat a wide variety of foods, including the fake stuff that is suppose to mimic carcass (I don’t even eat the fake stuff, gross!!).  There are now bakeries devoted to vegan and gluten-free customers and... Read more »