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Today an all informative session on what you knew or didn’t know and needed to be reminded of or it is just good info.

High Cholesterol…snacking on 3 almonds a day can decrease your LDL levels by as much as 20%.

Blues…eat folate-rich veggies like garbanzo beans, kidney beans, lentils, spinach and oranges to deter the sadness.

Eye problems…don’t eat white foods: rice, potatoes, bread etc.  Low fiber foods increase your chance of eye problem.

Olive Oil what is it good for you ask?  It may lower insulin in the body that deters the belly fat.  Olive Oil decreases your hunger pangs and keeps you full longer.  Olive Oil is full of antioxidants.  It increases bone density compared to people who use low-fat substitutes.

Onions make you cry?  Light a candle next to where you are preparing an onion, the flame will draw the annoying compounds toward the light instead of your eyes.

The following herbs have been proven to prevent breast cancer or to decrease the tumor:  thyme, oregano, basil, parsley and ginger.

PMS!!!  Try munching on sunflower seeds.  You will notice the difference after 6 months.

Blood sugar doing a dance on your system?  Try turmeric, its active ingredient curcumin keeps the blood glucose levels in check by switching on the liver genes and its also slows carb absorption.

Pimple…yikes…prom the next day….black tie event tonight???  Mix 1tsp. of sugar and a few drops of water and apply to that nasty growth and let it sit (about 6-8 hours).  The sugar will reduce the swelling and reduce the redness.

Eat less use chopsticks.

Eating an apple before a meal can save you 187 calories.  And of course the old standby, it keeps the doctor away.

Shrink your fat cells by eating Quinoa and Lentils.  They are pack full of essential amino acids that build muscles and encourage fat burning.

Did you know that digesting protein (Edamame, tofu, beans) will burn more calories than carbs and fats because your body uses more fuel to burn said protein?

If your sunscreen has expired use it as shaving lotion.  It provides a good barrier against razor burn.  Not kidding and no pun intended.

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