Let that holiday lethargy grab hold of you and RELAX!

Let that holiday lethargy grab hold of you and RELAX!
George Clooney as ER's Doug Ross rescues boy from storm drain

Regular readers might know I’m winding down a hella-challenging year.  I’m not out of the woods yet but I’m sooo close that I actually feel comfortable to start decompressing.  I spent most of this year (and a lot of the last one) in full out crisis mode.  Now that I’ve gotten to a point where I can catch my breath, boy oh boy am I catching it!  I’m feeling so peaceful and thankful that sometimes I just think about it and smile.

A fun, easy game for 2-6 players. When is the last time you played?

A fun, easy game for 2-6 players. When was the last time you played?

I’ve been reclaiming a lot of lost quality time with my family and friends and enjoying the simplicity of living a good life.  Teaching the nieces and nephews how to play Chinese Checkers, then teaching them how to talk trash to unnerve their opponents.  They develop their wit and their humor so quickly.  So fun.  Showing them how to decorate cupcakes and cookies.  That’s what life is about.

Then  I’m usually not much of a tv watcher because I’m afraid of the effect it will have on my “productivity” (translation: the dogged pursuit of the American Dream).  I listen to public radio and audio books because I can move around and get things done while my brain is stimulated and the sound is keeping me company.  The extreme compulsion to plant my ass in one place and not move it for hours is what makes me fear waking up the tv-watching beast lurking inside me.  But to be honest, this holiday season I’ve been wearing out my DVD player (and my library card).  And loving it!

The Big Lebowski? I didn’t think it would be my style but that was some funny stuff.  Nowwww I understand where all the ubiquitous one-liners came from.  And why didn’t anyone ever tell me ER was such a good show??  (Well, I guess pop culture universe was trying to tell me but I was too busy taking life too seriously to take it all in.)  Of course I’ve watched random episodes since it came out in 1994 (!) but I never realized the impact of binge-watching the shows in order to watch the stories build.  I’m halfway through Season Two and Doug already pulled the little boy out of the storm drain.  Wow.  But I don’t know yet why Doug hates authority so much that he screws up his own life.  Still watching.  Then anything with Denzel Washington should be watched 2-3 times just to catch the nuances of his walk and his mannerisms.  Working on that now.

So with this holiday season I’ve learned that, though you do need to take life seriously if there are things you want to do and goals you want to reach, you should never take it TOO seriously.  Because then you miss out on the simple pleasures you could be living every day while you’re laying out your path.  I didn’t realize how much grinding and constant stress I was feeling until I started to let some of it go.

We all have challenges that we face in life, some more crushing than others.  We might be tempted to just put our heads down, put on blinders and power through without acknowledging how things are affecting us.  That’s not good for your health or for your peace of mind.  I just want to encourage you to always take time to raise your head up, look around, and make sure that as you face your situations to always try to be good to yourself.  You know that you’re doing the best you can, so there’s no sense in denying yourself all enjoyment while you wait for things to get better.  What better time for you to show yourself some love than during this reflective time of the year?

Enjoy your holiday season.  I wish you peace, fun, joy and prosperity for yourself and for your loved ones.  May God bless and I’ll “see” you in the new year!!!

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