A monumental thing happened on the way home last night

Title:  A monumental thing happened on the way home last night


picture of Martin Theater at Ravinia Festival

Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, IL

Last night, I had plans to visit Ravinia.  I had been eagerly anticipating this live concert/picnic-style trip since the weather started to turn the corner toward summer.  My summer tradition is to pick up my free tickets from Chicago Public Library every year around Memorial Day (stop by your local branch to see if you still have time to snag some).  I look forward to the pleasant drive to the lovely outdoor music venue and the company of my loved ones as much as I do the music.

This was all in line with the big plans I made this spring about having a wonderfully relaxing yet adventurous summer in this great city of ours.  It took me years to make a big decision for my life.  I made the choice and started taking action in January of this year.  In the dead of winter, looking forward to this time now, I thought the dust would have settled on making my big brave choice (here’s hint: it involved parting ways with some chronically slow-paying tenants.  More on that in a future post).

Just like life can go sometimes, so far the summer has been busier for me than I would have chosen.  I’m still very glad that I FINALLY made a decision which was begging to be made for over a decade, but I’ve come to understand that being brave doesn’t make life instantly easy.  Sometimes issues which take a long time to develop take a while to fix. BUT THEY ARE FIXABLE. With determination, patience & effort.  I’m so thankful to God at least now I’m on the right road.

You can't control the weather, only the way you react to it.

You can’t control the weather, only the way you react to it.

As the day of my nice mini road trip approached, the forecast predicted rain.  Darn.  Heavy rains, thunder, lightning and flash flood warnings came yesterday morning, and the threat of rain lingered all the way into the evening.  Reluctantly, I decided not to even attempt the trip to avoid the soggy grounds and mercenary mosquitoes–even if it didn’t actually rain.

I’ll take a shot of Absolut Citron in mine to make it an EXTRA special day!

You know what they say about when life gives you lemons…….  In place of my Ravinia trip I decided to attend a seminar for prospective home buyers and others interested in real estate investing held at Hyde Park Bank on East 53rd Street.  Sometimes when you’re working your way through a tough time you get too focused on trudging forward to lift your head up and look around to see that life is FILLED WITH OPPORTUNITIES.  This is what last night represented for me.

I was so happy and so excited to hear about some of the resources and the programs.  More important, I was glad to be in a room full of people who also see the tremendous value that exists in Chicago—its people, its neighborhoods, its culture.  Its REAL ESTATE. These were people who care about the city and want to be here as much as I do.  And despite what the headlines say, they have NO plans to run away.  It was so enlightening and inspiring.  And it was just the spark I needed to re-charge my batteries and keep me on track for the things I’m trying to do in my life.

I’ll share some of the information and experiences I had last night with you in my next post.

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