My invitation to speak at a landlord convention through blogging

My invitation to speak at a landlord convention through blogging
Marriott CasaMagna Puerto Vallarta Resort, Mr Landlord 2017 Convention location

It’s finally here!  This weekend the 15th Annual Mr. Landlord Convention will be held in St. Louis.  Not only will I be an attendee, but I am soooo stoked to say that I have been invited to speak about my experiences of being an urban landlady!  I never would have thought I would have the honor of an opportunity like this.  But this past year has been a phenomenal time for me as a rental property owner.

The theme of this year’s convention is “Time to Make Changes.”  Jeffrey Taylor, who heads up Mr. Landlord, asked me to speak about a recent change I made in my landlord experience and how that has positively affected my outcome.  Boy do I have some stories to tell!

One huge change I made was to get connected to other property owners through actions like writing this blog.  I love it!  I have had a chance to connect with some wonderful people as a newbie blogger for ChicagoNow.  In fact, my introduction to Mr. Taylor and his invitation to speak at this convention is the direct result of some of my previous ChicagoNow blog posts.  I started my first blog because it’s fun, but I could not have imagined some of the real opportunities blogging has brought my way.

The convention is already sold out but you can always think about making plans to attend next year.  In the meantime you can sign up for “Landlording Boot Camp: Take Total Control” set for July 8-9 in Orlando, FL.  The purpose of this camp, the website says, is to “learn how to MANAGE your rentals like a BUSINESS, and not just have another job for yourself.”

A lot of people have a desire to own rental property but the fear of not knowing how to manage the property creates a huge barrier.  I believe this is what causes many prospective investors to fail to take action and it causes newbie investors to give up before they give themselves a fair chance at success.  There are ways to learn how to make it work well and there are countless owners who are doing it every day.

Better yet, why not join this illustrious group of big ballers and shot callers for their 27th annual getaway conference to Puerto Vallarta next January?  I wasn’t able to join them in Cancun this past January, but I better find a way to get myself down to Mexico next year.  And it’s not just for the drink umbrellas.  Mr. Landlord has been around for over thirty years and is one of the oldest and most established resources for DIY landlords in the country.  The information they share is, as former governor Blago would say, “[freakin’] golden.”

I’m nervous about my speech.  I’ve never spoken to this type of crowd.  But I’m SO EXCITED! Pray for me.  Wish me luck.  And I’ll tell you all about it when I get back!

Puerto Vallarta 2017 Mr. Landlord convention

Puerto Vallarta 2017 Mr. Landlord convention


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