Let me tell you about the landlord convention in St. Louis

So, I’m just coming down off of my high from attending the 15th Annual Mr. Landlord Convention. What a wonderful, life-changing experience! This was my first time there and I would tell anyone interested in real estate investing to check it out—from prospectives, to newbies, to 20-year r.e. veterans. I can’t wait to share with you some of the golden tips I learned from attorneys, property managers, real estate professionals and other landlords in this blog post series.

One example is the higher profitability of offering your units as furnished monthly rentals (also known as corporate housing or short term housing) to insurance companies looking for temporary housing for clients affected by fire, or for traveling nurses. I’ll have much more for you in a bit.

I mentioned in a previous post that I was invited to speak to a group of highly experienced landlord pros in St. Louis. I don’t have a lot of experience with public speaking at all, but my experience with speaking to professionals is particularly limited. It was my first opportunity of that sort and, boy oh boy, was I nervous.

I gathered up my courage and made my way to the funky STL. I gassed up the ol’ Camry (no, literally, it’s an OLD Camry) early last Friday morning and hit the road for what everyone tells you is a 4-hour trip but it really takes closer to five. I looove driving trips—even through flat farm country—because I come alive with the peacefulness of the open road.

I was by myself except for my musical companions. I was “cruisin’” with D’Angelo. I “kept the faith” with Michael Jackson. Ray Charles “told me what he say.” I was The O’Jays’ “darling, darling baby (sweet and tender love”). Prince and Rosie Gaines told me “whenever you say that you can’t, that’s when you need to be trying” on the “Diamonds and Pearls” cd I’ve been riding around with since long before we lost our beloved musical genius last month.

Tom Hanks Da Vinci Code pic

Whose idea was that hair?

About 100 miles in, I had enough of getting my ears massaged and my spirits lifted by these extraordinary gentlemen. (Don’t get excited. I listened to all the ladies on my last trip.) I popped in The Da Vinci Code audiobook I checked out from the library. Don’t judge me. I tend to be pretty late to the party when it comes to popular culture–so late that the people who used to throw the great parties no longer even live there by the time I show up to find a guy with thirteen cats. I have been telling myself for years that before I leave this earth I wanted to check out the book that was so influential that it would entice Tom Hanks to wear such an unfortunate haircut to play the role in the movie. Never have been able to figure that one out….

As I drove, I allowed my mind to reflect on my carefully prepared comments. A few days before my scheduled presentation, I had received email instructions to frame my speech which said:

“Quick profile of the audience: You will be speaking to between 250 and 300 landlords. These are actual rental property owners. As opposed to a group of individuals who are simply interested in investing. Most have 3 to 20 rentals, with many who have 25 or more. Some have over 50 and there a few who have more than 100.”

No pressure there! Lol

I arrived in St. Louis and checked into my hotel room within a couple of hours of my scheduled speaking time. I showered, got dressed and spent the rest of the time practicing my delivery. For courage, I sent a group text and selfie to my siblings which said, “What I’m wearing when I give my speech to 300 landlords as The Urban Landlady. Pink & cranberry girl power outfit. You would trust this woman, right?”

Pink and cranberry girl power outfit for my speech

One of my older sisters immediately replied, “Epitome of awesomeness! I would trust that she knows everything including the cure for cancer!” Great confidence boost. The nervousness level just decreased by five notches.

Another older sister, the joker, followed up with, “I wouldn’t trust ANYONE hiding ‘n’ smiling in a bathroom. I do see the shower curtain!”

Okay, great, now I’m giggling my a** off. It does indeed, however, lower my anxiousness another few notches.

But at least now you can see why I’m half-crazy. I have all of these divergent influences coming from my role models swimming around in my big head. I love my sisters (and brothers)! I have a freakin’ hilarious family. Oh, by the way, they’re all insane.

So anyway, I finish my practicing and I head for the elevator to the grand ballroom. The idea of sharing something of value from my own humble experiences with 300 sentient beings (many of whom have a lot more experience than I do) is just that. An IDEA. That’s until you open the ballroom door and you see THIS:

STL conference landlord audience

1st chance speaking to a crowd of 300


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