Happy Birthday to Our Landlord Support Group

A few months ago I blogged about how I struggled for many years with being a landlord because I was too isolated.  I underestimated the value of networking with other property owners and sharing ideas.  One change I made in 2015 was putting forth a conscious and concerted effort to reach out and meet other people trying to do the same types of things I’m trying to do.

I now have the pleasure of organizing a group providing resources and information to help landlords, property investors and other people interested in related aspects of real estate.  This has been an extraordinary and exciting time for me as an owner. It’s so rewarding to help other owners realize this business doesn’t have to be a lonely one.  The positive difference in my life is even hard for ME to measure.

Today I wish this group a “Happy Birthday!”

“Rich Investors Read” meetup is a reading and conversation-centered group for those interested in real estate investing as a formal business.  But, we’re not just about books.  Selected titles are only springboards for lively conversations about the REAL world of investing and ownership.  We discuss the challenges and victories we face as investors–sometimes heartbreaking and sometimes hilarious “teachable moments.”  Beginner and advanced investors share our stories and our questions to build our collective knowledge base.  We’re an interactive group driven by member suggestions.

Rich Investors Read screenshot 2


RIR is made up of area investors as well as investors from around the world who are curious about the Chicago real estate market. Whether you show up in person or you join in online, you will take away valuable information and ideas with each contact.

For local members, our field trips are designed to strengthen investor experience. For example, one of a landlord’s biggest fears is ending up in eviction court. I blogged about one of our trips to observe proceedings to learn how to AVOID landing there.  We connect members with real estate auctions, local workshops and presentations offered around town on topics like landlord training, building a successful business, money management, and creating wealth.

For our members across the U.S. and the world, we seek out live webinars that we view and discuss to stay on top of trends.  We’ve learned about “Tenant Screening: 101” and “Understanding Business Credit.”  Check out our calendar of events.

We also sign up for guided tours together.  Using web search tools and online research are great ways to get to know a potential investing area, but we don’t just read about hot areas like Ukrainian Village, South Shore, Lakeview and Hyde Park. Our members get out there and explore our great city’s neighborhoods!  

A year ago I couldn’t envision that I would be able to connect with a group of motivated people as charged up about renter’s rights, mold prevention, effectively working with contractors, and basement remodeling as I am.  But I’m glad I took the chance to break out of my shell and “get off landlord island.”  I’m learning SO MUCH and it’s just been a lot of fun.

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