Blogapalooza writing assignment: what I love that people misunderstand

Tonight’s Blogapalooza assignment topic is: “Write about something you find beautiful that you feel others may not understand.”

( Just so you know, submitting this unpolished, unfinished piece written on deadline feels like walking out of the house in nothing but my birthday suit.  It takes more guts than I realized to hit that “publish” button before you’re ready, but at least it’s getting the old gears moving again.  Enjoy my nakedness).

I love green growing things.  I love them inside the house.  I love them outside of the house.  I love them in cute pots.  I love them on window sills.   I love them around the base of a tree.  Flowers, vines, hostas, fruits, veggies, groundcover, moss.  I’ll take it all.  You can have your spectator sports.  You can have your four-legged friends.  You can even hang on to your fancy purses and shoes if you just leave me to play in the dirt.  There’s something about watching things grow that makes me hopeful, especially when you nurse a plant back to life that you thought had seen its last days.

If you tell me you don’t like plants, I want to look you in the eyes to see if there’s a soul in there.

I once had a vacant apartment which was being shown by my property manager.  This was during a really down rental market and it had been particularly tough to find an acceptable tenant.  The manager told me she had several showings scheduled for a Saturday.  I got up extra early, pulled on my work clothes and tied on my bandana.  I wanted to go wipe everything down with Pine Sol and open all the windows to give it a fresh feel.


As the first appointment time approached, I saw the property manager pull up in front to prepare to meet the first group of prospective tenants.  I quietly let myself out through the back door, doubled back around the side of the building and went to sit on my neighbor’s porch (a friend) to wait for the appointment to pass.  This was just a first showing (not an interview) and I was not in a professional condition to greet a prospective tenant.  So I just sat back and let the manager do her thing.

I sat admiring the small landscaped patch I had just created within the last couple of weeks to increase the curb appeal.  I live on sites like Pinterest and Martha looking for ideas and a stickler for trying to get the right effect.  I spent hours down on my  hands and knees planning, digging and covering.  Trust me, I did a great job with the symmetry, laying the weedblock and and the neatness of the wood mulch.

When the showing was over, the family walked out of my building and started sharing their impressions with each other about my place.  The manager stayed inside to take care of some paperwork so the family walked out alone.  I said a friendly “hello” but I didn’t identify myself because I wasn’t in professional dress.

You can imagine my surprise when the prospective tenant family walked by and let me hear what they really thought about my little flowers.

(I ran out of time.  For the rest of the story, click here.)


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