You’re absolutely right. My landlady wouldn’t like that AT ALL!

You’re absolutely right. My landlady wouldn’t like that AT ALL!

(This post is my answer to the January ChicagoNow Blogapalooz-Hour challenge “Write about a time you told a lie” )

So I had just starting dating this guy about ten years ago.  He was tall and brown with movie star good looks.  His face was not so much formed as sculpted.  He was a smooth operator and he smelled SO sexy.   Anyone who knows me can tell you a man’s way to my heart is through my nose.

Even though he was gorgeous, there was something about him that just didn’t sit well with me.  I never told him the apartment building I lived in belonged to me.  Some might call it a lie of omission. It was just one of those things that kinda never came up.  Really, it was information I usually withheld until I knew where a person was coming from.  Well, until I started a blog about it.

One night we were sitting on my couch watching a movie.   We had been dating for about three weeks when he told me he ran into a little situation.  He was living with a family member who was planning to move out of state.  He had been looking for his own place but he couldn’t find anything suitable.

All of a sudden he had a Eureka moment.  He perked up and said, “I know—I could come and stay with you!”

My jaw dropped and my eyes opened wide.  I knew it wasn’t gonna happen, but staring into those big brown eyes momentarily hypnotized me.  I started racking my brain for a way wiggle out of this ludicrous proposal.  Before I even had a chance to respond, he read my expression and said, “Oh, I guess your landlady wouldn’t like that, huh?”

My shock slowly dissolved into delighted amusement.  I shook my head, “You are absolutely right. My landlady wouldn’t like that AT ALL!

For that and other reasons, the relationship ended very shortly thereafter.  I was so glad I never gave him a place hang his hat—or anything else I had of great value, if you know what I mean.  Thanks for the save, Denzel.  Now go find yourself another sucker.

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