CRITICAL MASSHOLES: When Cyclists Are The Problem, Not Solution

CRITICAL MASSHOLES: When Cyclists Are The Problem, Not Solution
When is something like this going to happen in Chicago thanks to Critical Mass?

On Friday, September 30 during the rush hour commute home, a homegrown organization of radicals will take over the city streets of Chicago unannounced, affecting the end-of-the-week, end-of-the-month commute home for hundreds of thousands of citizens, making countless parents late picking up their children after school and doing everything possible to disrupt the normal peace and enjoyment of another fall Friday afternoon.

You cannot call the police.

You cannot call City Hall.

There is nothing you can do about it.

You must simply take it. And suffer.



State-sponsored terrorism?

No, it’s just another Critical Mass in Chicago, allowing hipsters and other cycling morons to flaunt the laws of “The Man” and “take the streets back.”

I have been a cyclist all my life. I routinely put more miles on my bicycle than any five cyclists I know – added together.

My book, The Urban Cyclist’s Survival Guide, is a collection of lessons learned from more than 15,000 miles riding on city streets every day. I am the biggest advocate of safe cycling you will find, having invented new helmets and bike frames that improve cycling for the next generation.

And yet, I agree with every motorist around the world when they say: enough is enough with these Critical Massholes who think that because their smelly Guatemalan pants match their once-blond dreadlocked hair that they are entitled to run amok on the city streets once a month?

How can City Hall endorse such illegal, selfish and society-undermining behavior? How does City Hall allow this ridiculous display of thumb-nosing to hard-working taxpayers forced to sit behind a group of lawbreakers who feel it’s their right to be able to ride helmet-less en masse because … well, they can?

I’m not just a cyclist, I’m a professional cyclist who was paid to write a book on how to survive anything on a bike and I say – shut down the Critical Mass for these reasons.

Critical Massholes are to fundamentalist terrorists what Islam is to cycling. I love cycling but I am not a Critical Masshole. Likewise, many of my best friends are Muslim, but they are not terrorists. However, in the “profiling” era we live in society no longer takes the time to assess what one individual is doing. Instead society judges based on what they’ve seen recently with their own eyes. Every afternoon on the last Friday of the month thousands of Critical Massholes take over the city streets and ruin people’s daily routine.

Cycling is a sport that an individual or team can compete in or enjoy either as a workout or a commute or as means for “getting away.”

Critical Masses are designed not for sport or exercise, but, according to their own site: “Critical Mass is created when the group of riders comes together for those few hours to take back the streets of our city. The right of the people to assemble is guaranteed in the Constitution, and Critical Mass helps people remember that right.”

I have to right to free speech, but I cannot yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater.

Sure, Critical Mass has the right to assemble – but where does it say that they are allowed to make that assembly mobile? The Constitution may allow for the right to assemble, but where is the right to have tax-payer money pay for police escorts? And assembly is fine – assemble at the Daley Plaza and talk all you want about cycling rights. But there is nothing in the Constitution that says the police must protect you as soon as you make your assembly a movable feast on the city streets.

Critical Masses are more akin to predetermined, rolling riots than they are to a parade. A parade is intended to entertain the crowds, not the participants. However, Critical Masses are intended to entertain the participants, not the crowd which is forced to sit by without reacting to such a selfish act.

Hey, hipsters, you are not “cool.” You are 100 percent part of the problem, and zero percent part of the solution.

Do you realize how much worse you make life for other cyclists in the city after your self-satisfying ride each month?

Your monthly ride increases road rage and reduces the goodwill between motorists and cyclists because every month thousands of motorists, who would otherwise not even think about a bicyclist that day, were forced to sit and wait in traffic for your own selfish and non-specificied reasons.

Next time you have two minutes, Google up “critical mass car accident” and you will see photos and video from around the world with citizens in every language furious with the childish behavior of these cyclists who have no rightful claim to terrorizing the city streets.

If a group of enthusiasts can simply take over a city and break any rules they wish along the way all the while getting an escort from the police, then what stops any of us from starting new similar organizations?

Baseball Fans – on the First Tuesday of every month we’ll organize thousands of baseball bat enthusiasts, we’ll walk the city streets swinging our baseball bats wherever and however we wish. We won’t advertise our route ahead of time so you cannot avoid us. If you run into our bat-wielding parade that’s just too bad for you if you’re trying to get somewhere because we’re going to take our time. It’s our Constitutional right to assemble and swing bats.

Chain Saw Fans – on the second Wednesday of every month let’s get together every person who owns a chain saw and have them parade through the city, shutting down all traffic along the way, revving our saws and marching proudly with them on display for everyone to see and hear and fear.

Clearly, those organizations would never be allowed to have those parades. I’ve worked with baseball bats and chains saws all my life and never been hurt by one. I’ve also ridden my bike all my life and been in more than a dozen accidents thanks to other cars, cyclists and joggers ignoring traffic and running stop signs or red lights. My point is that a bike is just as much a weapon as a bat or a chain saw when used incorrectly.

Critical Massholes are using their bikes incorrectly and they should be stopped for the common good of everyone.

I predict a bad accident on the horizon that will bring all of this to light in Chicago. It’s already happened in countries around the globe, like the ugly incident in Brazil. I have to admit, while I do not want anyone to get hurt – especially when it’s associated with cycling – I’m eager to see Critical Masses and the Massholes they attract disappear.

There will come a day when a driver is in a hurry or simply will not suffer the delusional thoughts that Massholes have of being entitled to the streets and that driver will drive right through and over a Critical Mass. Many people will be hurt; some may die.

And when it happens, I will be the first person to ask Mayor Rahm Emanuel and everyone at City Hall – where were you? You could have prevented this long ago, but instead you decided to allow Critical Massholes to have the streets on the last Friday of every month during rush hour – one of the most stressful times of the month for any bill-paying contributor to society – and you continue to give them a police escort! Where is the money in the City Hall budget to protect lawbreakers?

I pray City Hall comes around and realizes the folly of its past ways. I never expect Critical Massholes to understand.

Massholes can try to learn by reading the part of The Urban Cyclist’s Survival Guide that explains road rage and how much a part of road rage is actually caused by cyclists doing stupid thinks, like riding in a Critical Mass that expects motorists to “understand” that these cyclists are “entitled” to the road too.

The Constitution allows for assembly, but it does not allow for transportation of that assembly in any way that hinders society at large.

Reading a book won’t really solve anything because what I am talking about cannot be understood by explanation or teaching.

I am talking about simple manners and having to share the same city with others.

Critical Massholes have never understood that and I doubt they ever will until someone gets hurt. Go to Iowa if you want to “take over the streets” and be safe. Doing that same thing in any major city is simply flaunting your stupidity and begging to cause problems.

Critical Massholes, you are making life worse for all cyclists. You are a major part of the problem. You are not cool or hip or accomplishing anything other than driving a huge wedge between motorist and cyclists and there will be blood on your collective hands one day. Actually, there is already blood on your hands given the number of accidents in the past couple years alone from drivers who refuse to recognize Massholes ridiculous claim “to assembly.”

When someone gets hurt in a Critical Mass in Chicago, the blood will be on the hands of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, City Hall and all the sympathizers and participants in any Critical Mass.

Mayor Emanuel, Critical Mass is a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off. Please step in and stop it before more innocent people get hurt or killed.

Just think, how big would the lawsuit be if a motorist plowed through a police-escorted Critical Mass killing cyclists, city workers and innocent pedestrians? As if Chicago has enough money to pay for such a thing. Then again, City Hall has found a way to pay for officers to escort the Critical Mass for years so apparently Chicago isn’t as broke as it would allow you to believe.


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  • I’ve ridden a few times with the Chicago Critical Mass, and have to agree: there was a number of rather unattractive (drunk or stoned, or both) characters each time. I’ve seen few arguments with drivers stuck in the middle of the Mass. But I’ve also seen smiles on drivers’ faces and answering calls of “Happy Friday!” Come on, it’s just once a month. It happens all over the world (I saw an announcement about the Critical Mass few weeks ago in Nuremberg; I wish I had a chance to ride there, to compare it with CCM). For the majority of those who participate in the Mass, it’s a way to turn their city or town into an Amsterdam, if only for a few hours. (Do they have Critical Mass in Amsterdam? Probably not. What for? THEIR critical mass had been reached long time ago.)
    . . . Anyway, as much as I respect the cycling achievements of the author of this article and the co-author of the “Survival Guide,” I think he might have found a better way to promote his book.
    By the way, cyclists pay taxes, too.

  • This is no mere book promotion. Critical Mass is the single worst idea ever hatched to promote cycling - trying to force motorists to put their lives on hold so you can pretend you're a European? Go to Europe and do that. I'm serious. Big cities are absolutely no place for such "kumbaya" junk. I've lived in small towns where this would be a great idea. In a crowded city where millions of motorists already detest cyclists it is a horrible idea. And by forcing motorists to "share the road" all you do is make them want to hit the next cyclist they see. It won't be you. It will be the next cyclist, a day later who had nothing to do with the illegality of a Critical Mass who gets hit by that motorist because she/he has such a negative opinion of cyclists due to Massholes.

  • First of all, the picture is not of a critical mass. It's a race. Very different.

  • In reply to JKnecht:

    The image is what is what is vital - motorists have no patience for cyclists. Cycling "tourists" like you who don't live on a bike will not understand. To you "it's only a day" and that's my point - it's not a day. It's a negative attitude you have instilled in motorists. And then you've gone back to your car or bus. But for daily cyclists like myself you have caused us problems you don't ever know about because you're only in our world "for a day" but we live on bikes. You clearly are missing the entire point of the discussion. Please go spend you time avoiding work elsewhere. The adults here are busy.

  • In reply to TheUrbanCyclist:

    Wow. Sayonara, dude.

  • In reply to JKnecht:

    Second? And how does that effect the point of the article?

  • This is a silly troll and just factually incorrect on many points, including: that photo is from a race, not a mass. Mass leaves Daley plaza around quarter after six, which is considered by the city and the CTA as after rush hour. Loads of people on those rides wear helmets.

    Beyond that, the incoherent disjoint half-thoughts are a treat of a read. "Critical Massholes are to fundamentalist terrorists what Islam is to cycling." What is Islam to cycling? I don't even know what it's supposed to mean for a few thousand people riding bicycles to "not be cyclists." They sure appear to be cycling.

    It's cool to top it off with Blood On Your Hands hysteria, and warnings about how they're making it worse for True Cyclists. Yes, over the years Critical Mass has grown, cycling has definitely been getting worse in the city, oh my yes. Except that the opposite is the case.

  • And how many Critical Masses (CM) have you participated in? Yes, a few fringe idiots exist in any crowd, but what about the other 90+% of the drivers and cyclists waving and smiling to each other? I've commuted by bike/cycled and participated in CM for over 7 years and in several cities, primarily in Chicago, and I can anecdotally attest that CM has helped the image of cyclists with the majority of motorists. I've had my life threatened by motorists on several occasions for doing nothing other than cycling in a completely legal manner, and it's toxic comments and posts like this that continue to fuel that fire, not CM. "The adults are busy here"?!? Yes, I can see that due to your typos in the original post (let me know if you need me to point them out for you) and haphazard analogies like chainsaw parade equals a group of cyclists saying "Happy Friday" to folks in cars and pedestrians.

  • In reply to scott rowan:

    Is it a coincidence that your name is also scott rowan or is this whole article so blatantly a troll that you forgot to pick an alt account that didn't have the same name as the "aka TheUrbanCyclist" to flame back with

  • In reply to posting ghost:

    Posting as the author's name must be divine intervention, or maybe a joke... If you have any fruitful or relevant talking points on the content of my comment feel free to let me know.

  • It's cool how a dude can declare himself the voice of Motorists as well as True Cyclists and lay down What It's Like For Them on the basis of... magic.

  • What's funny about your conceit of being *the* Urban Cyclist here to judge who is a cyclist and who isn't and declare Cycling to be Your World is it's apparently on the basis of riding from lakeview to the south loop on your commute. Which is, you know, good for you and all, but not really a big deal. A lot of people riding mass actually make their livings on their bikes, so who appointed you the Arbiter?

  • Uggh, remind me to never ever ever buy your book, and I will definitely tell everyone I know not to buy your book. And hopefully they will tell everyone they know, and so on.

    Anyone who posts a picture like that and then incites rage against cyclists is not a promoter of urban cycling...

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    In reply to jamesschwartz:

    Agreed. A really sick image choice no matter what point being made.

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    In reply to jamesschwartz:

    Haha, and he gets such awesome reviews!:

  • Few minor points:
    – I don’t need to pretend being a European, I am a European living, by a twist of fate, in Chicago.
    – It is nothing wrong with Europe and/or being a European. Should we compare the state of roads, bridges and public transport, and the number of cyclists there and here (just to name a few relevant things)? In your own book you suggest how to jump over potholes and have fun with it. Yeah, it’s a useful skill here in Chicago, with the abysmal pavement almost everywhere in this city. I haven’t seen a single pothole on streets of Berlin or Nuremberg. Just sayin’.
    – “In a crowded city where millions of motorists already detest cyclists it is a horrible idea.” May be. But reducing the number of those motorists (no, not by killing ‘em off) and thusly solving the problem of over-crowding might be a good idea, no? How about more buses (and bikes!) and less cars?
    – It is not “just one day” or “once a month” on a bike for me. It’s daily commute (a bit longer than yours, I should note).
    – I am neither your problem nor solution. I ride responsibly, just as a was majority of those at the Critical Mass do. But, surely, you are free to spit and rage and hate all you want. Hate sells.

  • How is it you--with thousands of miles of urban cycling--can so readily speak for uninformed motorists? Cyclists have as much right to the road, and safety, as anyone else. You have to know that. They pay for those roads (gas taxes are negligible). The vast majority obey the rules and laws (as do most motorists).

    Why is it you--having been in so many accidents--can so easily accept motorists defying the law? You imply a crazed motorist WILL run down “Massholes” (nice use of the dismissive moniker), infer it’s justified, and then blame the Mayor? That’s inane, at best.

    You haven’t mentioned whether you’ve ridden a Critical Mass. How do you know how people behave on the rides? Or how inconvenienced any driver may be by them? Your caricatures are embarrassing. Unfortunately, the stereotypes and nonsensical quips you rely on resonate with quite a few people.

    Maybe Critical Mass is the impressive disruption you paint above (it isn’t). Maybe some driver will be enraged. If he checks his mirror before opening his car door into--or taking a right turn across--a bike lane, that’s a win for anyone on a bike.

    Strive to reduce traffic; don't consider it an unchanging force to be accepted and accommodated. Strive to increase safety and infrastructure so more feel comfortable on a bike; don't shake your fists at those brazen enough to take potholes and bike lane gaps in stride (in unflattering skinny jeans, sometimes; greasy dreads, rarely).

    It’s a lazy place to start any discourse, but then you contradict yourself numerous times. My favorite is how a ride that's been going on "for years" with “police escort” is also "unannounced". The worst is that you hope to “improve cycling for the next generation” and then write something like this.

  • In reply to draynd:

    So, getting my truck kicked, several times, when caught by "critical mass" is cool? Or when a guy on a bike starts screaming and crying because he ran a red light and blamed me for, almost, hitting him? Sure, a lot of those riders are fine, but a lot are absolute assholes who deserve the reputation they have earned.

  • So, I don't think much of Critical Mass in its current form because they fail to present any coherent message or demand, and by routinely and flagrantly violating traffic laws, they show that whatever their message is, it clearly has nothing to do with equity between different road users.

    But what bugs me is that for many of the people objecting to it, I sense that neither of those things is actually the issue. What's actually at issue is that motorists' unexamined double-standard is being violated. Motorists essentially hold their own Critical Mass twice every weekday, causing delays far more frequent, severe, and widespread than any city's Critical Mass, and nobody questions motorists' right to delay *each other* (and to delay cyclists, for that matter, who have to either wait or pick their way through rush-hour gridlock at a considerably slower speed than they could otherwise achieve). And before you object that commuting (by car? in a city with good public transit and bikable distances?) is vitally important and Critical Mass isn't, what about traffic jams caused by sporting events? Or mass exoduses from the city on summer weekends? Nobody demands that *motorists* justify their use of the road to other citizens. It's only when people who *happen to be on bicycles* instead of in cars do something en masse that people go berserk.

    The funny thing about the sporting event example is that at first I was thinking that since Critical Mass is billed as a protest, it would probably be perfectly constitutional to ban it as a reasonable time, place, and manner restriction. But what if it were simply a mass joyride with no stated political intent? It seems hard to justify why causing a traffic jam for recreational purposes is any less legitimate when done for cycling than when done for baseball. But that seems backward. Would democratic protest really be less protected than mere recreation?

    And of course nothing justifies this guy's implicit threat of/permission for extrajudicial violence against Critical Mass riders. He seems to miss the irony that such a mindset actually has far more in common, ideologically, with terrorism than anything Critical Mass does.

  • LOL, this guy is a troll. Buy his book to learn how to be a better troll. (oh its not a shill to buy my book, i swear! buy my book, *links to*)

    You know who is the real asshole here? "THEURBANCYCLIST", with his clothes and bike. You know, one of THOSE people. People who have bikes that think they're better than those with cars. "THEURBANCYCLIST" shouldn't even be riding his bike to work or whenever, why not just take a cab or bus? There is nothing cool about riding a 12 year olds TOY in a big-boys city, "THEURBANCYCLIST". When will you grow up and realize that cars are the only way of the future?

    There is blood on YOUR hands every time you pedal your bike in a bike lane. Think of the cars that have been damaged when a bike flies into an open door. If we could just eliminate all the bikes from the city (hey, if you wanna ride in a small town, thats fine,keep that kumbaya bullshit there), then we wouldn't have to worry about all the blood on each others hands that have been caused by Major Emmanuel letting the Cridical Mace happen.

    In conclusion, stay out of my booze, THE URBAN CYCLIST. LOL you ride 12 miles a day (6 in one direction, no doubt) and call other people 'tourist' cyclists. And if they're not tourist cyclists, they're 'stupid hipsters'. I think you're the hipster because you love to suck the cock of asshole motorists.

    Thank YOU for standing up for fellow "cyclists", traitorous asshole!

  • In reply to dext0rb:

    "I think you're the hipster because you love to suck the cock of asshole motorists."

    How clever! The author writes a negative blog on CM and you resort by saying that. Why? Is TUC gay? Does his view automatically make him a homosexual?

    The response from this person and the other pro-CM people make no sense.

  • Have you been in Wrigleyville on a game night? They might as well have swing-your-baseball-bat night! Drunk assholes fill the streets in droves, walking wherever they please, in the bike lanes, in the roads, you name it.

    And Critical Mass has a website where the map is posted well ahead of time. I know, because I have a map up for next week's right now, and I had to have it up super early so that other people wouldn't end up competing with me on the day of.

    You're almost blaming the massers in Brazil for what happened. You might as well say, "who WOULDN'T floor their gas pedal to drive their car through a crowd of vulnerable human beings for being inconvenienced for a few minutes?!". You know who is to blame for the guy that ran through Brazil massers? The guy who ran through Brazil massers with his car.

    Motorists are already impatient and paying little attention to the road, whether we mass up for 2 hours a month or not. They will honk if you are not immediately flooring it when the light goes green. I, for one, am glad we have the police escorts. It keeps the ragers in check.

    Every single day, I deal with at least one of the following:
    * a door swings open into the bike lane before the person checks his mirror
    * a car swerves into the bike lane to pass a bunch of cars on the right: illegal and dangerous as fuck
    * a pedestrian steps into the bike lane without looking, from behind a big vehicle that is either parked in the shoulder or waiting at a traffic light in the road, they don't think to check the bike lane because in their mind, the only traffic on the road is cars
    * a car swerves into the bike lane from a parked position to get into traffic quickly, not thinking that bikes exist as a part of that traffic

    So, yea, some of us like to get together 2 hours a month and remind ourselves that we're not as alone as we feel every other day during our regular commutes. And to remind everyone else that we are traffic, that we exist, too, and they should look for us on the road.

  • And a note on the pedestrians and other bike lane hazards: I have a bell. I ring it FURIOUSLY. People never look. I've had, maybe 2 out of 10 people actually look up to see what the bell is about. Most of the time, they just keep doing what they are doing, which involves stepping into the bike lane or opening their door into it. So I'm glad to have an awareness event that forces people to look.

  • fb_avatar

    The author of this article is correct. Critical Mass is a blight on bicycling. It is just this kind of activity which fuels the hatred toward bicyclists. I have bicycled for many years and do not condone breaking the law. I quit riding in groups because the current batch of want a be bicyclists do not obey the laws.
    City hall and there ilk continue to ignore the problem because this is a win win situation for them politically. By allowing this to happen they have the fuel they need to put down bicycle safety programs and use illegal litigation in court cases so the motoring public is guiltless when they do mow someone down. So you critical massholes continue the good work, City Hall gives you there blessing.
    If you think for one moment that people don't get mad about your escapades you are incorrect. I have been attacked because of a critical mass event. Yes your typical homicidal maniac knows that running over a bicyclist in plain view of many witnesses is a bad idea. So they bide there time and as they are going down the road they see the loan rider and low and behold nobody is looking now. So anal sees me the day after the critical mass ride. After attempting to force me off the road with the huge soda refill cup, you know the insulated hard kind. He stops in front of me and proclaims all us a holes have no right to block the #%^$^^$ road when he is trying to get home from work. The passenger approaches me to start a fist fight but this is stopped by another motorist stopping and swinging a rather large hammer in his direction. I now have a new bicycle accessory mounted on a hammer hook out front of my handlebar. Find a better way to present your point of view. I am with the author on his view of the critical massholes. I am stockpiling a large supply of bear spray so I can start a bear spraying club and once everything is ready we will practice our form of protesting in the same location and time as the critical massholes.

  • "Critical Massholes are to fundamentalist terrorists what Islam is to cycling"
    "When someone gets hurt in a Critical Mass in Chicago, the blood will be on the hands of Mayor Rahm Emanuel"
    I dont think this guy wants to be taken too seriously.
    Lets just assume Scottie is trying to sell a book and nothing more.
    Hopefully this discussion will bring to light how many cyclists are killed by vehicles every year. More protected bike lanes are needed as well as protection at intersections for bikers.

  • fb_avatar

    This is nothing but an ad for a book. No real debate starts with by addressing an opponent with an insulting expletive.

    So there's no need to chase down your points except to say you really miss the point of Critical Mass.

    If this succeeds in getting you more money for your book, a book noone truly needs because there is so much great information on the web, I will be very disappointed.

  • fb_avatar

    "When is something like this going to happen in Chicago thanks to Critical Mass?"

    I generally agree with you that Critical Mass doesn't really help, at least not in 2011, but you're practically asking for and giving some justification for some road rager to take out people. It's also a really tasteless use of that photo, which was a tragic collision during a race in which many people died.

    "I have to admit, while I do not want anyone to get hurt ..."

    And yet you write stuff like this! Once again, I have no problems joining you in the chorus of cyclists who question Critical Mass as it is now, but I think you crossed a line here.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to John Vu:

    Hard not to think that Scott is licking his lips in anticipation of tragedy. Is Fox News hiring?

  • "I would challenge you that what you're seeing with people waving and smiling they're gritting through their teeth. Get the hell out the way. They're not smiling at you, they're saying get out of the way. Yeah, yeah, yeah i see you, move on move on. They're being polite to your faces. This is just human nature. People are polite to people's faces but in reality, they are not happy whatsoever."

    This is the quote from Scott Rowan on WTTW Chicago Tonight. This is his life. He wants to charge for Critical Mass? Hey Scott, let's get rid of the poors cause that would be the answer.

  • fb_avatar

    Hey Scott:
    Global anti-CM sentiments sprung up long before you became aware of the problem. Critical Mass sucks. What else is new? Maybe you should read this well-designed and thoughtful site: And for Pete's sake calm down.

    "I pray City Hall comes around and realizes the folly of its past ways. I never expect Critical Massholes to understand."

    Seriously Scott? You sound like an upset Aunt Bea.

  • I can see that the author is enraged for many reasons, that likely have little to do with Critical Mass or cyclists. Rather, that he is not getting to where he needs to go, fast enough. That is not the fault of Critical Mass, rather the author's own malicious ignorance about who pays for roads, who uses the roads, and the impact of cycling versus cars / motorized vehicles on roads. I applaud the 'hipsters' who are on CM rides - which in know way condones hipsterism or for that matter, Apple or Google :)

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    I'm not sure what you putting on more miles then five cyclists you know has to do with anything. Everything I need is within 4 miles from me. So does that mean your more experienced? IMO, no.

    Making parents late to pick-up their children should actually bring up another point...Far too many kid's are driven to and from school each day. Why aren't they walking, cycling or taking a school bus?

    ---"hard-working taxpayers forced to sit behind a group of lawbreakers who feel it’s their right to be able to ride helmet-less en masse because … well, they can?"---
    Wow, you sound a lot like the typical uninformed motorist who believe THEY are the only ones who pay taxes.
    And get off your high-helmet-horse. I see motorists and pedestrians daily without helmets, so what's your point?

    Sorry, but unless your a Lance wannabe, cycling isn't a sport.

    Every large city has a CM website, that states where and when the event takes place.

    More then a dozen accidents? Sounds like you better review how YOU are riding.

    I would like to thank-you though. I use to be against CM, but after reading this blog post, if it ever comes to my city or if I'm in a city when it takes place, I'll join in.

    Do you think motorists are going to starting respecting cyclists more if there is no more CM, because my city doesn't have it and people still get irritated by cyclists because we "slow them down".

  • Wow this is some bad writing structure. Instead of being a dick you should organize your thoughts and try to be persuasive. How about some ideas to make it tolerable to tools like you. Way to blame bike riders for getting hit by a car, I bet your great with rape victims!

  • If I see your book I'm going to wipe my ass with it, after a sweaty august mass.

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    I've ridden twice in critical mass in the last year (3 times total) and despite this being more of an angry screed than a well thought-out argument, you are starting to convince me. (I hate people that think their 1st amendment rights are violated cuz they need a permit) I just want to let you know that these claims you make are actually measurable. You can look at what cities have a critical mass, and compare their cyclist accident/death rate to cities that do not have one.

    One more point: In the Islam-Cycling analogy, so is a white supremacist that targets muslims for what the fundamentalists do blameless? after all, it was terrorists that made those poor supremacists lash out, right?

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    Bike people are the most self centered rats I know. They blow more hours per week gallivanting on a bike dressed like a freak than they work or spend with family. They worship doping cheating rats like Lance Cheatstrong. They spend family money on tens of thousands of dollars worth of bike crap while denying their kids their time or money for what they need. They spend hours going in circles with no destination or purpose. They spend huge amounts of money going places to start bike trips, eg, flying to far off places to ride in circles there. They take up the street, rudely disobey every road law, they prance around in peter pan clothing on childrens toys.

  • I agree with TheUrbanCyclist. Thousands of cyclists ignoring traffic signals, blocking traffic and taunting motorists that want to get home after a long week. They are breaking the law. It's stupid and dangerous. Shame on the City for allowing this.

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    Cyclists can't go the speed limit, so why insist on being one of the leading causes of road rage? Cyclists are irresponsible of their own decisions and tends to pass their decision off onto the motorist. They don't belong on any roads with speed limit over 30 kph. Any cyclists involved in any accidents should be void of any insurance, plus they must be made fully liable for any accidents involving automobiles going the speed limit.

  • fb_avatar

    he amount of anger I sense in this text makes me sad.

    That anger; the apparent incapacity to grasp the situation, to see a bigger picture; resorting to offensive over-generalizations about people this guy never new in life -

    all that, coming from a self-called "bike advocate" is sad beyond measure.

    I speculate this dude really believes everything is "right" when it is "legal". And everything is "wrong" when it is presently "illegal".

    Never heard of civil desobedience.

    Probably thinks Rosa Parks was an asshole too.

    Probably thinks that killing a half million Iraqis in name of "finding mass destruction weapons" is perfectly o.k., for instance - if you just say "sorry, we were wrong, there were no such weapons" afterwards.

    If he would talk just and STRICTLY about THE Critical Mass ride in the city he lives in, I wouldn't say anything.

    Since he even mentioned the CMR in the city?country I LIVE IN, and showed such a poor understanding of the whole phenomen, I feel someone has to speak up.

    I've considered buying his book in the past. Now I'm glad I did not.

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    Now that I've come to know the picture published alongside the text is a fake, i.e., it's NOT FROM a Critical Mass Ride, I find it not only sad. I find it plain DISGUSTING.

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    Cyclists suffer the asshole motorists 29 days per month, so let the mother fucking motorists suffer at least one day in a month --

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