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Will my kid listen better if I forbid TV?

Will my kid listen better if I forbid TV?
The past few months have been rough for our whole family.  My first grader started a brand new school the same week I got sick and the combo has resulted in many changes.  He is learning and maturing, but the changes I’m thinking about are not good ones. He stopped listening to me. This is... Read more »

I'm Going to Oprah's Farewell Show

Remember when I said I had to go to Oprah’s Farewell Show at The United Center?  I must have good karma going on, because I am going! When I was leaving The Cub’s Game last Saturday afternoon and standing at the corner of Clark and Addison looking for a cab (I wanted to take a Pedi cab,... Read more »

Random Thoughts on Single Parenting

I hesitate to write that I am currently a single parent.  Not sure if that is offensive or fair, as my kids do have a loving father.  He just happens to be watching basketball in Las Vegas the past 5 days. 1.  I have so much respect for every single parent out there.  To juggle schedules, work,... Read more »

I Can't Hear You I'm Texting

“I’m listening to you.”  My husband says while texting his coworker, watching SportCenter and playing chess on the laptop. “I heard you.” I told my kids as I was Gmail chatting with my Mom, downloading new tunes for our IPod and emailing about a play date from my BlackBerry. “I didn’t hear you calling me.” My... Read more »

The Secret Babysitter

I have never been a huge television watcher. I can’t recall much television in my childhood besides Pinwheel, Double Dare and Love Boat.  As a teenager, I remember being told that I could not watch 90210 until my homework was done.  This was the original Beverly Hills, 90210, not the remake with the way too skinny... Read more »