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You want to start a blog? Read this first

You want to start a blog?  Read this first
I often get asked about starting a blog and love to help others as I know I appreciate any advice I receive. I share in hopes of creating a community, instead of a competitive environment.  There is room for all of us on the Internet.  By no means am I an expert and, just like... Read more »

Donate to Help Tornado Victims in Missouri

Natural disasters seem to be occurring way more frequently than when I was a kid.  I’m wondering if it is caused by global warming or pollution in our environment. Sunday night the sky in Chicago became overcast and rumblings of tornado warnings showed up on my television, computer and news alerts.  I learned that the... Read more »

I Read "Two Kisses for Maddy" In One Sitting

I’m not sure if it is a New Moon, the start of April or something in the air, but this week has been all about firsts.  Monday I cooked Indian food, yesterday I tried Zumba and today I read a book in one sitting.  I know reading a book shouldn’t be a major accomplishment, but it’s one... Read more »

I am Grateful For...

I have been whiny lately.  I have no right to complain when I have so much to be grateful for. 1.  The Sun. When it is shining I feel spring is in the future. The sun makes everything seems a little brighter and warmer. (I’m still searching for it today). 2.  Family.  Everyone from my husband to sister to parents to in... Read more »