I am here to take the isolation out of parenting, especially stay at home parenting.  To the non-parent, it may appear luxurious (trust me it is not), but it is lonely and frustrating. On the flip side, it is exhilarating and amazing and pretty much every feeling in between.  I try to maintain sanity with frequent yoga classes, benefiting equally from the sutras as the asanas.

Do you wonder how I got in front of my computer screen on a Friday night?  I will tell you.

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and returned to the city after college to work in Advertising.  I loved the creativity of the job; I did not enjoy the office politics.

My college boyfriend and I got married, bought a condo, a dog, and soon were ready, or so we thought, for kids.

After my son was born, I knew I needed something more but wanted the comfort of being home with him and not having to report to work everyday at 9 a.m. (Not like kids let me sleep a minute past 6 a.m.)

Prenatal yoga was a major highlight of my first pregnancy. It was the one bright spot in a long, achy, tiring 9 months.  I was hoping to share my positive moments of pregnancy with others, so I decided to take a major leap and sign up for yoga teacher training.  This program was just what I needed that first year of motherhood.  It got me out of the house for 5 hours a week to focus on myself and not my child.

Now, I'm thrilled to teach other pregnant women to feel beautiful and grateful for their gift.  I also write when my kids are napping, at school or sometimes while playing or (gasp) watching TV.

Let's celebrate, complain and commiserate together. Share your problems, victories and questions about your children with me and others.  I'm hoping this blog can work as a forum for our parenting moments.  Please comment, your thoughts can shed light on the issues we are experiencing, or have experienced.  Feel free to contact me at upsanddownsyogamom@gmail.com.

Thank you for joining in this journey with me.