Finally confident to go makeup free at 40

Finally confident to go makeup free at 40

I’ve been a daily makeup girl since high school.  I never liked heavy makeup but tended to be self-conscious of my uneven, red and shiny skin. I applied foundation, cover up and powder regularly in hopes to conceal my real face.  It wasn’t until I reached 40 that I had the confidence to go makeup free.

It is ironic that the older I am, I now most likely need makeup to cover up my tired eyes and imperfect complexion. I’m learning that with age comes wisdom and I am less focused on my external presence and realize that internal kindness and compassion is much more attractive.

From the lack of makeup, I notice my skins seems to be doing better.  I assume it is happy to no longer be covered in heavy, greasy makeup and exposed to the open air. Another plus is the time I save in both the morning and night. I wonder if my face looks fresher without chalky make-up.

I still enjoy to don make-up on a rare night out,a party or meeting. I also am loving the freedom of leaving the house without looking in the mirror and the comfort of living in my body, after all it is the only one I will ever get.

Do you wear makeup every day? 

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