My favorite and least favorite body parts

My favorite and least favorite body parts

Sadly, I don’t know one woman who is completely happy with all of her body parts.  I hear friends complain about everything from their skin to their thighs to their feet.  It’s funny though, when I look at them I see my loved ones’ beautiful eyes, hair and strong legs.  This made me think; what if we spent as much time loving our favorite body parts, instead of focusing on the ones we hate.

It is simple for me to pick out my least favorite body part, my belly.  The same one that grew my children inside still bothers me and to be honest, I obsess over the amount of bloat it carries.  Instead of wasting so much time sucking in my stomach, I wish I focused on the my strong features.

My shoulders are a body part I am happy with.  I’ve worked hard on my chatarangus and planks to create strong upper arms.  The cold shoulder trend has worked in my favor.

My goal in sharing this is to open a conversation about real women and spend our time celebrating the good in our strong and beautiful bodies.

What are your favorite and least favorite body parts? 

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